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The Darkest Part of the Forest - Review by Emma, Teen Blogger

Posted on 17-Mar-16 10:27
If you asked me what my current favourite novel is (and believe me, it keeps changing!), I would say it is The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black. This book has everything: a handsome fairy prince in need of a rescuer, exciting sword fighting, a magic bargain with the fae, not to mention a giant monster made of twigs, sticks and stones. Hazel Evans and her brother Ben live in Fairfold, a village where people are used to interactions with the fae. In their woods, there lies a horned boy in a casket. He has been there, asleep, for as long as anyone can remember. Hazel and Ben’s mother has stories to tell about how she and her friends were obsessed with the boy when they were younger, but Hazel and Ben have some stories of their own. Ever since they were really young, Ben has been telling tales of the horned boy, their elf prince, and how they are meant to save him. But, when their prince finally awakens, he is not quite what they imagine...
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Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl - Review by Emma, Teen Blogger

Posted on 29-Jan-16 11:20
I always thought I knew the story of Anne Frank, and in a way, I did. I knew about how she had lived in the Secret Annexe for two years, only to be captured so close to the end of World War II. But I never really knew Anne’s story, at least not until I read her diary. Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl tells the story of a teenage girl who had a unique outlook on life, as well as a wonderful personality. Anne Frank received a diary for her thirteenth birthday and soon made up her mind that her diary wouldn’t just be an account of what she did each day. On Saturday, 20 June, 1942, Anne writes: “I don’t want to set down a series of bald facts in a diary like most people do, but I want this diary itself to be my friend, and I shall call my friend Kitty.” From then on, each entry becomes a letter to Kitty, the friend that Anne could tell anything to. In reading Anne’s diary, you become Kitty. As Kitty, you read about the Frank family going into hiding. You read about the arrival of the Van Daan family. And you read about Anne’s growing friendship with Peter Van Daan, a boy not much older than herself...
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Graduation Worries – Article By Emily, Teen Blogger

Posted on 26-May-15 15:53
It’s no secret that it’s that time of the year again: graduation. If you’re anything like me, right now you’re slightly panicked about the idea of change, especially one on this scale. It seems as though everyone has it together and is ready to move forward but I promise you are not alone in your fears should you have them. It took me a while to realize that these fears were perfectly normal. To help you with those feelings, I want to share some of mine with you.
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How to Survive - ZOMBIES! by Julia, Teen Blogger

Posted on 25-Jun-13 14:19
The zombies are taking over my life !! I started watching The Walking Dead, and then my friend was yammering on about the "Zombie Apocalypse". when I realized ....it all begins with...BRAINS!!!
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Stories of War - Reviews by Kathleen, Teen Blogger

Posted on 13-Nov-12 14:57
I'd like to recall that moment of silence on Remembrance Day. Below are some wonderful stories of war, some fiction and others not, that never fail to strike a chord in me, and I hope they can do that for you, too.
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A Book Literally Filled with Awesome by Anna, Teen Blogger

Posted on 02-Oct-12 13:53
Around Thanksgiving we are always asked what we are thankful for. “The Book of Awesome” by Neil Pasricha is filled with the simple things that we are always thankful for but often forget to mention when someone asks us, “What are you thankful for?”
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So You Want To Be A Superhero? by Eric, Staff Blogger

Posted on 07-Mar-12 15:25
There are key elements to consider when developing your super-persona. Your origin story. Your sidekicks and teammates. Your costume... cape optional. But much of this depends entirely on one significant factor: What are your powers?
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Food! Eat to Live! -Review by Eric, Staff Blogger

Posted on 04-Jan-12 16:16
REPOST-Eat to Live! Live to Eat! Play with Your Food! Say what?
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