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My Summer Vacation - Article by Ben, Teen Blogger

Posted on 28-Oct-16 09:45
This summer I went on vacation to Utah, the Grand Canyon, and Las Vegas. Summer vacations are a great way to experience new places, for sightseeing, shopping or exploring museums and national parks. The purpose of the vacation was to explore the national park loop in Utah, the Grand Canyon in Arizona, and Las Vegas in Nevada...
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A HPL Volunteer Blogger's Life - Article by Julia, Teen Blogger

Posted on 22-Jul-16 09:19
I started Blogging with the library when I was 12 years old, and now that I’m 17 I feel like I can say a little something about blogging for the library. I had so much fun with it as being a library blogger meant I could write reviews of my favourite books. After all, I am a book-crazed girl who can’t get her hands on enough books, so being a blogger for the library felt just right. I came up with the idea of asking authors for online interviews and the library even brought them to us in person through our local branches! It was fantastic to talk to the creators of so many books that we bloggers read and loved. However, our blogging didn’t stop with reviews and interviews...
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V for Vendetta: Studying Graphical Novels as Literature - Article by Saul, Teen Blogger

Posted on 13-May-16 13:49
Any high school English course has a reading list: a group of books that all students must read so that they can complete the class. These are usually classics that are considered to be some of the best books ever written. 1984, Brave New World, any Shakespeare play, and many others fall into the category of so-called “high culture reading.” These books are typically old and have themes surrounding society and the human condition. It was surprising to me then, when I found, on my reading list, a graphic novel. It was the widely popular V for Vendetta by Alan Moore and David Lloyd. Now, I don’t need to write a blog post explaining to people that this is a good book to read, as that has been said before in numerous forms, but I did want to talk about what makes a book, and specifically this graphic novel, something that is good to study. I also wanted to talk about how often society looks down on certain mediums as lesser in some way or another...
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Healing the Earth: Easy Solutions to Food Waste - Article by Hannah, Teen Blogger

Posted on 04-May-16 16:46
It's amazing how much we waste food everyday without even knowing about it. 33 million tons of food makes its way into landfills each year and about 20% of Canada's methane emissions come from landfills (see http://www.endfoodwastenow.org/index.php/resources/facts and http://www.davidsuzuki.org/what-you-can-do/food-and-our-planet/help-end-food-waste/). According to the Value Chain Management Center, we waste approximately $27-billion worth of food every year (see: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/the-hot-button/how-much-in-food-do-canadians-waste-a-year-think-billions/article4580509/). Keep in mind that this is the value of perfectly edible food that is simply just thrown out rather than the fungus-infected disgusting food that deserves to be thrown out. Most of you probably read that line and did not care because after all it's just a number with no significant meaning to you. But that's probably enough money to feed almost all of the people who die of hunger (according to http://www.poverty.com/, one person dies of hunger every 4 seconds). As much as I want to rant about how evil society is for wasting all of this food, that's unfortunately not going to change much or be effective. So if you’re a person who cares about the well-being of this earth, below are so some super easy things you can do at home to prevent food waste:
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Peeled by Joan Bauer - Article by Angela, Teen Blogger

Posted on 26-Apr-16 13:41
Teen Blogger, Angela decided to try something different with this blog post so she wrote it as a newspaper article about events in the book, Peeled by Joan Bauer. Check it out!
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My First Pizzeria Donair – Article by Ben, Teen Blogger

Posted on 25-Apr-16 09:31
Have you ever heard of a donair? Donair - photoIn this blog, I am going to talk about the donair and the history of it. I am going to tell you how to make a donair. I am also going to talk about when I ate my first pizzeria donair!
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My Favourite Poet: Rhiannon McGavin – Article by Kaela, Teen Blogger

Posted on 22-Apr-16 15:53
One of my favourite poets is Rhiannon McGavin, otherwise known as The Geeky Blonde on YouTube. She has been posting videos for several years now and is known for her 'Condensed Shakespeare' series, writing tips, and most prominently for her poetry videos. Rhiannon has written many successful poems having worked with organizations like Brave New Voices, Get Lit and Teens Over Violence. She is 18 years old and lives in Los Angeles, USA. I found her videos because we had been doing a poetry unit in my English class. Our mission was to find poetry we liked online and I happened to stumble across her videos. Her most popular type of poetry is Slam and she has a very distinct style in the way she presents her pieces. It’s evident in all her videos that she is very passionate about her topics; in my opinion, that’s what makes her so likable. Even though I couldn’t have possibly shared all her experiences, she still makes it very easy to relate to her through her poetry. She is great at making a connection between herself and the audience, even if sometimes the audience is through a computer screen...
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How to Compose the Perfect Email - Article by Becca, Teen Blogger

Posted on 22-Dec-15 14:26
Writing emails, even in 2015, is a necessity. Whether it's for an interview, an inquiry, or getting back in touch with an old friend, they are inescapable. They can certainly be a cause of stress, so finally, after a lot of trial and error, I have developed the formula for the perfect email. After some practice, you’ll learn how to easily fire off emails and letters, in under half an hour...
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Ontree Adventure Park - Article by Ben, Teen Blogger

Posted on 24-Nov-15 12:07
Have you ever wanted to experience the feeling of flying through the trees like a flying squirrel or a monkey? Do you enjoy the outdoors and love an adventure? Well, I know just the place for you to visit. Ontree Adventure Park is located in Windsor, Nova Scotia at the Martock ski hill and will offer you the adventure you are looking for. Ontree is a great place for people of all ages, from little kids up to seniors. You need to be prepared to walk and climb throughout the park, so movement is a must...
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How To Write - Article by Becca, Teen Blogger

Posted on 04-Nov-15 09:34
Everyone who likes to write knows the feeling: you're sitting around, not doing too much of anything, when BAM! Inspiration. It hits you like a bolt of lightning. You run to your nearest writing device and jot down a couple quick notes. This is going to be great, you think to yourself. Day one, two, and three pass without a problem. Soon, you realize you've written the most you have the entire past month! You're on fire! Why don't you do this more often? But that's always when it happens. Day four. You start to lose steam. Your ideas are fading-your fantastic burst of motivation is slipping from your fingers like wet soap. Does any of this sound familiar? If so, continue reading! This blog post is a how-to, on this very problem.
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Battle of the Books – Article by Hannah, Teen Blogger

Posted on 18-Sep-15 08:22
“It is 4:00 PM. The game host has welcomed everyone and explained the rules. The four students from the two teams are clustered, on opposite sides of the room, hunched over, leaning in towards each other, knees touching, possibly stroking a team mascot. Anxious and proud teachers and parents are watching from chairs, placed around the walls... A hush falls over the room as the first question is read aloud... "In what book is there a spider who can spell?" The stop watch clicks on. A Battle of the Books game has begun.”...
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Graduation Worries – Article By Emily, Teen Blogger

Posted on 26-May-15 15:53
It’s no secret that it’s that time of the year again: graduation. If you’re anything like me, right now you’re slightly panicked about the idea of change, especially one on this scale. It seems as though everyone has it together and is ready to move forward but I promise you are not alone in your fears should you have them. It took me a while to realize that these fears were perfectly normal. To help you with those feelings, I want to share some of mine with you.
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Inspired By...Article by Emily, Teen Blogger

Posted on 07-Mar-15 13:17
We all have people who inspire us: teachers, actors, actresses, writers, directors, etc. I have my fair share of people whom I look up to, and I thought it would be nice to share some of my author influences. I encourage you all to make a list of individuals who have served as positive inspirations for you as well!
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How to Read a Book for Class - Article by Emily, Teen Blogger

Posted on 03-Mar-15 16:00
If you’re in an English class right now, chances are you are currently reading a book, a play, or a poem and there is also a good chance that you aren’t enjoying it. I don’t blame you. Sometimes the joy of reading is lessened by the fact that you’re being forced into it. However, there are ways to get around it so that you can effectively read and understand whatever has been assigned. Today, I give you a list of what to do and what not to do when reading for class.
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Fast Five: Soccer Books - Article by Danielle, Staff Blogger

Posted on 11-Jul-14 13:50
As we head into a big soccer/football weekend with the 2014 FIFA World Cup Third-place and Final matches, I thought that I would leave you with a quick list of five books featuring and/or about soccer.
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Being a Global Citizen - Article by Angela, Teen Blogger

Posted on 15-Apr-14 13:43
It is approaching that time of the year again: when the sun arrives and the greens start to grow. The blizzards and frosts have disappeared, and it makes you want to take a walk outside and embrace nature. You can feel the sun softly warming your smile, while the breeze rustles your hair. If you wake up early in the morning, you can see the golden sunrise and hear the sparrows sing. After the sun colours the evening sky with its grand departure, under a cloudless sky, you can see countless stars bidding you goodnight. But what if you couldn’t enjoy being outside anymore? What if we ran out of supplies and resources and our world fell apart?
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Sailing – Article by Julia, Teen Blogger

Posted on 18-Feb-14 12:28
Every year, Halifax hosts an International Boat Show, a chance to see all of the newest sail boats. This year, the show will be held at Exhibition Park on February 20-23. I’ve been sailing since I was 9. Sure, sailing and I had a pretty rocky relationship considering we’ve been off and on again, but for several years now, we have been going strong! In total, I’ve been sailing for 4 years now and I must admit, I hated sailing for the first 2 years...
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The Art of Choosing Books or How to Find Your Next Great Read - Article by Emily, Teen Blogger

Posted on 17-Feb-14 08:05
At least once every couple of months, I discover that I have no books on my shelf that I have any desire to read. Going to the library to browse is a great way to get ideas, but how is one to know which books, out of the hundreds of options, are the best to read? Allow me to help you in solving this dilemma.
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Pumpkin Challenges - Article by Angela, Teen Blogger

Posted on 13-Nov-13 11:14
It’s that time of the year again, when you see pumpkin Blizzards, pumpkin spice lattes, etc. Pumpkins are everywhere. Do you want to be creative and make something cool? Let’s raise our fall spirits and complete these challenges this season...
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Fall Events – Article by Margaret, Teen Blogger

Posted on 23-Oct-13 11:55
There are so many things to look forward to in autumn: Thanksgiving, colorful leaves, brisk weather, hiking, bonfires, and baking are all things that make the coming of fall so lovely. Often, September is observed as a dreaded month of school and routines, when really it should be seen as quite the opposite - it should be anticipated for countless reasons.
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