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The People of Sparks - Review by Ben, Teen Blogger

A Fill-it-in Review

Discover Catalogue - The People of SparksTitle: The People of Sparks: Sequel to The City of Ember

Author: Jeanne DuPrau

Summary: The People of Ember have made their way to the surface of Earth after living underground for over 200 years. After walking for days, they stumble upon a village known as the village of Sparks. After some negotiations, the Sparks people decide to take the Ember people in as refugees. As months wear on, hardships form. Conflict arises between the Sparks and Ember people.

Six Word Review: This book is an awesome read.

How many stars (out of 10) would you give this book & why? I would give the book 10/10 stars. The book is very well written and suspenseful.    

I started reading it because my grade 6 teacher assigned a term long project for the The City of Ember book. I loved The City of Ember book so much that I asked for the People of Sparks book for Christmas. I kept reading it because I really enjoyed how the author Jeanne DuPrau wrote the book. Her writing and storytelling is very thrilling.

Gut Reaction: At first, my gut reaction was that the book was okay. However, by the time I finished the book my reaction totally changed. The author was able to keep my attention and draw me into the characters and storyline.

What you loved/hated/couldn’t get enough of… I couldn’t get enough of the suspense that the author put in the book. Near the end, I couldn’t put the book down. With every turn of a page, I couldn’t stop reading. If you like suspenseful stories, I recommend this book for you.  

If the main character(s) were stuck on a deserted island, they would figure out a way to get themselves off the island, using their minds and things that they have around them. They would also have a positive attitude.

If the main character(s) were in a yearbook, they would be voted most likely to: be Problem Solvers of the Year because Lina and Doon (the main characters) tackled every problem that came their way. If there was a problem, they would be the two trying to fix it.   

This book reminded me of the real world because The People of Sparks and the People of Ember are like two different countries at war. The People of Sparks aren’t being fair to the People of Ember and the Ember people reacted.

Website of Interest:

Unofficial book trailer by Antonio Pacheco:


Anything else your reader should know… The People of Sparks is the second book of a series of 4 books. The books in the series are: 1) The City of Ember, 2) The People of Sparks, 3) The Prophet of Yonwood, and 4) The Diamond of Darkhold. To truly appreciate the story and to understand the characters, I would recommend to start with reading the first book, The City of Ember.


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