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Stardust (Film) - Review by Pranathi, Teen Blogger

Stardust Movie PosterI’m going to start off by saying romance is definitely one of my least favourite genres in books, movies and music. I have this unexplainable hate for all things romantic but Neil Gaiman, through his work Stardust, actually made me appreciate the romantic storyline and connections between characters. Stardust is an exciting romantic film based on Neil Gaiman’s fantasy novel which takes the viewer on an unforgettable adventure between two worlds within the late Victorian era. It is a story of a young man who is unaware of his real identity and past, who sets out on a journey to prove his feelings to the girl of his dreams. On his journey he is faced with a surprising turn of events which cause his quest to be ten times more difficult than it should have been but also leads him to finding out who he really is, what his past was like, what his true feelings are and who they are for. Neil Gaiman writes a story of self-enlightenment and the journey one boy must make to turn into a man; whereas, director Matthew Vaughn brings the extravagant images to real life.        

Stardust Book CoverFirst, I must inform you that I am a sucker for anything Victorian, so therefore, I automatically fell in love with the characters and scenery of the film. Second, you must know that fantasy and adventure fall under my top three favourite types of genres. So, with regard to having a few of my favourite genres and a plot set in the Victorian era, I was destined to fall in love with this film from the moment it started. I greatly admired how around every corner another adventure was waiting and more fantastic, colourful characters were introduced which strengthened the plot. The characters ranged from the largest variety of people you could ever hope to imagine, from an evil, ugly and vain witch to a softhearted, fatherly and loveable sky pirate, so I never knew what was to come next. I loved how the romantic interests started off with a very rough relationship, they literally couldn’t stand the sight of each other, but developed their relationship into a more playful and truer friendship which eventually sparked into their love for each other.  

This film had me on the edge of my seat and I cannot wait to read the novel with hope of it being just as amazing as or even better than the film. Stardust was the sort of film one would wish they could just jump into and join the action. It is the first romantic film I have ever truly loved and I cannot wait to watch it again.

If you enjoy films or books like Stardust, you might also enjoy The Count of Monte Cristo and Corpse Bride. For more information about the author of Stardust you can visit, http://www.neilgaiman.com/ and for more information about the film you can watch this video:

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Stardust, both the film and book, is available at the Halifax Public Libraries.


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