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Spring Time! What to do? by Talia, Teen Blogger


It may seem like we’re trapped in an endless winter, but never fear, spring is just around the corner. Even though there may be a bit of snow on the ground, and a chill in the air, if you look close enough you can see signs that spring is approaching. There are robins flying around, bunnies jumping in the forests, and flowers are popping up everywhere!

So while it may not be warm enough yet to ditch your winter coat and run around in flip flops, there are certainly some things you can do to celebrate spring. Here’s my list of things you can do to help say ‘adios’ to your winter blues, and ‘aloha’ to spring time!

Crocus in Sunlight- photoStart planning for the summer: Yeah, I know, it’s barely spring and I’m already talking about the summer. But seriously, what better time to start planning than now? Not only will you have a solid plan in advance, just thinking about the summer will make you excited. Plus, if you’re thinking about getting a summer job, it’s best to apply sooner rather than later. So what will you be doing this summer? Getting a job? Going on vacation? Relaxing? Participating is some seriously awesome summer programs at the library? The list is endless. Start making it now, so you won’t waste away your summer deciding what to do.

Plant a garden: Whether it is flowers or vegetables, the time is now to think about planting. Even if you don’t have a garden, you can easily pick up some pots and some seeds and make a miniature one! If you want your flowers to be blooming, and vegetables to be ripening you have to plant early ( check seed packets or your local gardening centre for planting times).Striped Crocus-photo

Get Involved: Get involved in your community. You could volunteer (Teen blogger anyone?), go to local events, and meet new people! See what your town has to offer.

Go Shopping: This is my personal favourite. Soon we can say goodbye to our favourite winter sweaters and hoodies (well, at least for this year!) and say hello to tank tops, capris, and flip flops. And what better way to put you in a good mood than to go shopping and get yourself a new outfit? New spring, new fashion, new you! Check out some secondhand shops too. And don’t forget to donate any clothes from last year that you aren’t using.

Get Organized: Spring cleaning anybody? I know, it sounds awful. Who wants to dust and mop and vacuum all day? But spring cleaning doesn’t have to be like that. Sometimes it’s good to go around and reorganize everything. Clean out your school binder, your closets, or your bedroom. You will feel so much better when everything is de-cluttered and in its rightful place.

So that’s my spring ‘To-Do’ list. What about you?

Happy Spring!

Teen Blogger,


Photos by Talia: "Our trees aren't budding yet but we do have some flowers growing outside our door. I just quickly snapped a few pics with my phone."


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