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Gotta Get A Job! by Talia, Teen Blogger


Teen Guide Job Search - book coverIt's the time of year when everyone's starting to get excited about school ending, and summer is just around the corner! Do your summer plans this year involve getting a job? Here's how...
First things first... You need to make a resume. A resume lists all your previous work experience, your skills and interests, as well as awards, certifications, and references. For help on what to include see Youth Canada's "Writing a Resume."

Make sure you include your volunteer work too. If you don't have any volunteer work, check out teen volunteer opportunities at the library. It's a super thing to put on a resume and it's fun. I know!

Do you have your driver's license, a baby sitting course, or are you certified in first aid? Make sure you put those things on there as well.

After you have a resume made, you want to start looking for a summer job. Here are some things you can do...

1. Drop off your resume  Are you just DYING to work at the clothing store down the street? Well don't be shy. Pop in, ask if they are hiring and leave your resume with them. The answer is always 'no' unless you ask!

2. Get the word out that you're looking for a summer job. Make sure you talk to people and ask if they know of anyone who's hiring. Who knows, maybe your neighbor's company is looking for a student to hire for the summer, or maybe your mom's friend has a job opening at their work! The more people who know you are looking for a job, the better.

3. Check online.  People now post most job opportunities online... And some openings are reserved for teenagers who want a summer job! Great student summer job search sites are Youth Canada - Jobs or Service Canada Job Bank or HRM Youth Jobs.

4. Make a cover letter.  Okay, so you've found a listing or heard about a job that you decided you want to apply for. Now you have to make a cover letter. A good cover letter is essential, because it's the first thing that the employers read. You want it to tell them why they should hire YOU instead of anyone else. Make sWhat Colour Is Your Parachute For Teens- book coverure it's professional and polite... It's going to your could-be boss! A good site to help with cover letters is Youth Canada - Cover Letters.

Once you've sent your resume and cover letter into that perfect summer job, you have to wait to see if you get an interview. Once you get the call notifying you that they want you to go in for an interview, give yourself a pat on the back. You're almost there!

You want to make a good impression and show that you are responsible and professional, so you have to look the part. This means that things like baggy jeans, tank tops, short shorts etc (no matter how hot is it outside!) are a no-no. Try to look neat and efficient. Girls, try and keep makeup to a minimum and don't wear any big, distracting pieces of jewelry. Guys, try and wear nice pants and a polo or some such shirt (depending on the job you're applying for of course).

During the interview make sure you BREATHE. Just relax, they are rooting for you too! Look them in the eye and SMILE! You want them to get to know the amazing person that you are!
Congratulations, you are well on your way to getting that perfect job!


Summer here we come!

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