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Food! Eat to Live! - Review by Eric, Staff Blogger

Eat to Live!

What the World Eats- book coverIf this is your meal-time motto, you may not care what you eat, so long as it is yummy and filling.  Consider, however, what others might call 'yummy and filling' food.  “What the World Eats” by Faith D’Aluisio is a photographic tour of the world, and the common foods out there.  Stop by Cuis family in rural China; they feed six mouths on 455.25 Yuan ($57.27 American) a week!  Visit the Sobczyncy’s of Konstancin-Jeziorna, Poland and find a yummy recipe for ‘Hubert’s Knuckle’ (FYI: that would be pig knuckle…).  This book is also full of statistics.  Some apply to food directly [Page 101: Access to Safe Water (% of the population)] while others describe the nation is question [Literacy Rate (15 years and older)].  


Live to Eat!

Extreme Cuisine - book cover

Speaking of unique flavours, foodies might enjoy “Extreme Cuisine: Exotic Tastes from around the World” from Lonely Planet’s Eddie Lin.  Alphabetically ordered by the name of the dish, this guide introduces strange foods from around the world, and tells you how to get your hands on it so can sink your teeth into it.  Start in America with Alligator Cheesecake, then maybe Vietnam for some still beating Cobra heart, get some Foie Gras from France (the bloated liver of a force-fed duck), and perhaps live Sea Urchins from Canada.  (We’re also in there for Duck Web…guess what that is!)  If nothing else, this book has some seriously gross photos.  Bon Appetit!


Play with your Food! 

Face Food - book cover

Christopher Salyers presents a photographic introduction to ‘charaben’ lunches called “Face Food: the Visual Creativity of Bento Boxes”.  Here in the West we have lunch boxes and brown bags, but in Japan, the Bento Box is the way to carry your lunch.  This tradition began around 700 years ago, when children’s lunches were works of culinary art.  Modern bento boxes are just as fancy, but may use characters from anime and video games.  Flavour combinations are secondary, just as long as lunch is pretty!  Personal faves: Spiderman  (page 29) made from broccoli, ham, sea weed and yams; Goose Hunt (page 64) made from beans, pear sauce, portabello mushrooms and couscous.


Gotta go eat now,


Staff Blogger


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