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Dance Movies by Julia, Teen Blogger

I love books with dancing or dancers mentioned in them, and I ADORE movies with wonderful dancers and amazing choreography! Here are some of my favourite DANCE movies!


Make it Happen - DVD

Make it Happen


Honestly, this movie inspired me. Yup, I can admit that a dance movie inspired me. I love the songs and the dancing in Make it Happen.

"Powered by a poppin' soundtrack and sexy dance moves, Make It Happen is an electrifying success story that makes you want to get up and dance. Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Live Free Or Die Hard) stars as Lauryn, a small town girl gunning for her lifelong ambition in the big city - a spot at one of the world's most prestigious dance schools. When rejection and bad luck get in her way, she finds friendship, romance, and inspiration at a hot new underground club."~ Container.


Footloose - DVD - 2011


I remember this movie so well -- me and my girls going out to the cinema together, getting our popcorn and chocolate bars, lining up to get tickets, gossiping about our dance classes and some of the gals we dance with...  But, what I remember the most was the DANCING in this movie. It made me feel really free inside. And, it made me want to start dancing right in the theatre, but I didn't. I just started tapping my feet on the floor and bouncing in my seat as some of the actors danced on screen.

"This musical remake of the infectious 1984 hit finds dance-lovin', big-city kid Ren MacCormack stuck in a small town where dancing is illegal. As he rebels against the town and its influential Rev. Moore, Ren falls for the pastor's lovely daughter" ~ Netflix.


Take The LeadTake The Lead - DVD


This movie showcases the great contrasts between ballroom dancing and hip hop. It was something I really enjoyed. I am a B-gurl (girl ver. of B-Boy), but even I liked the ballroom dancing in this. The characters are comical and interesting.

"Full of electrifying energy, this exciting and inspirational story lights up the screen with its raw spirit and sizzling dance moves. Antonio Banderas stars as ballroom dance instructor Pierre Dulaine, hired by an inner city high school principal (Alfre Woodard) to supervise detention for the school's most troubled students. The kids, full of anger and attitude, want nothing to do with Pierre and his classical moves. But when he takes a genuine interest in their hip-hop dancing - and the kids themselves - a new style of dancing is born that takes the students all the way to a national competition... and to finally believing in themselves." ~ Container.

Center Stage

Centre Stage - DVDPG-13

I used to do ballet. I used to do it A LOT, and I remember walking on my tippy toes and having my back perfectly straight with brilliant posture. I also remember the boring pianist that played for my dance class. This movie does NOT have that boring guy in the corner making you wanna fall asleep. The music is great, the dancing amazing, and the story behind the dancing scenes is dramatic.

"Vying for a spot in the prestigious American Ballet Company, 12 ambitious dance students are ready to push their bodies and minds to the limit to realize their ultimate dreams. With the audition looming, conflicts within the group arise." ~ Netflix

Centre Stage : Turn It Up - DVD


Centre Stage: Turn It Up


This is the sequel to Center Stage and it is still really good!  And, as a Canadian, when I saw the former hockey player it was great. I love hockey and I love dance. Hoorah!

"Return to the Center Stage phenomenon with new passions and partners in the amped-up, high-energy Center Stage: Turn It Up. All Kate Parker ever really wanted was to train at New York's prestigious American Ballet Academy. But when she doesn't get in, she learns that it takes more than just natural talent to succeed in the dance world. With a turn in a cutting-edge hip-hop club and the help of a handsome former hockey player-turned-dancer, she may yet manage to make her dreams come true. Peter Gallagher (TV's The O.C., Center Stage), Kenny Wormald (TV's Dancelife), Ethan Stiefel (Center Stage) and a cast of hot, up-and-coming stars rock to a new beat in this unmissable sensation!" ~ Container. 


Enjoy. I hope you will have as much appreciation for these movies as I do.


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