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Are you an Otaku? by Gina, Teen Blogger


Have you ever read a book that starts at the right page and ends at the very left page with a bunch of fascinating images and text bubbles? I’m talking about manga if you didn’t catch me.

Manga iK-On vol 4 - book covers a Japanese word that literally means “comics/cartoons.”  As a Japanese-styled form of book, manga usually reads from right to left. So, when you’re reading a manga book for the first time, start at the “end” that you know as the “end”. Also, start from left-top and make your way through from LEFT TO RIGHT. It may feel weird and awkward the first few times, but everyone eventually gets used to it. And who knows? You may be an otaku (a person who is very obsessed about manga and anime) in the future.

The first reason I recommend reading manga is because you can learn a lot about Japanese culture from it, especially when you’re reading shojo manga. Shojo manga literally means girls’ manga -- usually romance and teens are the main themes. You can take a peek at teens’ lives in Japan and see what they do. It’s a really fun and great way to learn about them indirectly.

Secondly, I wD Gray Man- book coverant to say that manga is a mixture of almost every literature we have around. It contains a lot of pictures of the characters, showing readers their actions, and it also has text in bubbles that make it kind of look like a script, but not exactly. It is a combination of drawings and words.

Bleach - book coverBy now, you might have an idea of manga, so why not grab some from a library near you and start reading? Here are some recommendations I came up with:

The manga titles above are all well-known, super famous and popular. There are also anime (animated films based on the manga), so check them out, too! Blue Exorcist - book cover

And in case you’re looking for more, try:

There are tons more, of course, but this will be enough to get you started. Some series have a few hundred episodes!

Well, enjoy!



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