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After the Red Rain - Review by Saul, Teen Blogger

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It seems that every day there is a new book trying to explore the idea of dystopia. It is a genre that has had a massive boom in recent years, with a number of popular books published. If you like dystopias, then I can highly recommend After the Red Rain. It is an interesting and thought provoking story that is sure to please fans of the genre.

The plot takes place after a bizarre apocalypse known as the red rain. What makes this setting unique is how the majority of people seem to believe that the red rain actually helped society and, in fact, that the world is much better since it took place. Of course, this point is expanded upon later in the novel and leads to some interesting places. The main story follows a young woman who meets a strange man named Rose, and together they discover dark secrets about the world in which they live.

What is most impressive is how developed the culture and society of this world are. One can get a real sense of life in this setting. They live in an overpopulated compound-like city in which there is a distinct class system set up. There is a sense of the tedium of everyday life and the resentment towards the aristocratic rulers with all the power. It is very nice to have such a fleshed out world that is revealed to the reader in a natural way (without clunky exposition).

My one major issue with this book is a particular annoyance of mine and that is the overstated moral message. This story has particular themes surrounding the environment and protecting nature, however it is stated so many times that it becomes slightly irritating. It is something that can be ignored, but is still a problem for me.

I did enjoy the way in which this story built up mystery. Facts are hidden because it makes sense for them to be hidden in the context of the story, and there seem to be no secrets for the sake of secrets. It added another layer of engagement for me when I found myself wanting to know what exactly was going on in this world.

Overall, After the Red Rain, is a solid piece of dystopian fiction. If you are fan of dystopias, it is something I can gladly recommend.

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