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Peeled by Joan Bauer - Article by Angela, Teen Blogger

Posted on 26-Apr-16 13:41
Teen Blogger, Angela decided to try something different with this blog post so she wrote it as a newspaper article about events in the book, Peeled by Joan Bauer. Check it out!
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Asylum by Madeleine Roux – Review by Pranathi, Teen Blogger

Posted on 15-Apr-16 09:46
It is said that children pay for their parents’ actions and therefore no one is able to escape their past. Daniel Crawford and his newly made friends, Abby and Jordan, learn this the hard way as they are faced with their family’s darkest secrets at New Hampshire College Prep, a college which once used to be an asylum for the criminally and mentally insane. It is no coincidence how and where they meet. As terrifying secrets of their dark family past refuse to stay buried, the author creates a story which borders the fine line between genius and insanity...
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Vicki Grant - Interview by Kaela, Teen Blogger

Posted on 29-Mar-16 15:19
Vicki Grant has written many popular teen fiction books. In 2004, she published her first book called The Puppet Wrangler. Since then, her most favoured genre of writing has been mystery, including Dead-End Job, Not Suitable for Family Viewing, hew newest book Small Bones and many others. She has received many awards for her work as an author and a television scriptwriter. Vicki has been one of my favourite authors for many years now and I was fortunate enough to be able to conduct an interview with her.
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Cinder by Marissa Meyer– Review by Pranathi, Teen Blogger

Posted on 10-Mar-16 11:30
What if I told you that humanity was dying of a deadly virus and your race was the only one able to save the world? You would save the world and be forever remembered as a hero wouldn’t you? But here’s the catch, if you save everyone else you lose your connections to the people you love most and are thrown in jail for being of your kind. Would you save the world and meet your inevitable doom or would you watch everyone around you, the people you hate and love, fall? Cinder by Marissa Meyer takes an unusual but deeply intriguing twist on the classic Cinderella story, pulling the reader into the action and making them feel deeply for each and every one of the characters on a personal level. Unlike any other Cinderella twist I’ve read before, Cinder takes place in a dystopian future where the universe consists of humans, Lunars, cyborgs and androids. Humanity is reaching its end faster every day due to an unknown contagious virus and the Earth is on the brink of war with an alien race called the Lunars. Just as the situation reaches the point...
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All the Bright Places – Review by Kaela, Teen Blogger

Posted on 16-Feb-16 13:24
All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven begins with the two main characters, Finch and Violet, standing at the top of a bell tower. They both want to jump but after talking to each other, they decide not to. After, Violet and Finch become very good friends, offering different types of support that the other needs but is lacking from their own life. Finch brings Violet out of her shell again and Violet makes sure Finch stays grounded. These characters are so funny and vulnerable you can’t help but fall in love with them. The ending was very surprising and it made the book very memorable...
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A Big Dose of Lucky - Review by Hannah, Teen Blogger

Posted on 26-Jan-16 11:26
A Big Dose of Lucky by Marthe Jocelyn is one of the 7 books from the Secrets series. I have to say it was hard picking which book to read first. They all seemed to appeal to me, but at last I guess A Big Dose of Lucky appealed to me more. After the devastating fire that burned the orphanage to the ground, Malou and all the older girls were told that there was no place for them and they were on their own. They were each given a clue and sent on their way to find their biological family. Malou is at first very hesitant about going on the journey. With nowhere else to go she heads for the small town of Parry Sound, Ontario following the clue that she was given. As she arrives in Parry Sound, she soon discovers more shocking clues that drive her closer to solving the mystery of her biological parents.
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Secrets Series - Teaser by Hannah, Teen Blogger

Posted on 15-Jan-16 10:23
Imagine your whole world rising in flames, burning everything that you had ever known, loved, touched and cared for. Waking up in a foreign bed wondering how one day you're surrounded with loving people who took you in when nobody else wanted you, and another day the remains of your beloved home lie in front of you, nothing but burnt garbage, and you're forced to go on an adventure discovering your unwanted past . While it would be unlucky for the person living it, reading about how somebody’s life blew up in flames would make an entertaining novel. Not to sound inhuman at all but I think we all have to admit that the more sad and dramatic the content of the story, the more fun it is to read. Ever read a book about a little girl that had no problems and was happy 24/7? There is a reason why most of us haven’t. Luckily, seven award-winning authors decided to gang up and each write a book contributing to the Secrets series.
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Fragile Bones - Review by Hannah, Teen Blogger

Posted on 22-Dec-15 15:17
Every year around 50,000 books printed in the United States are fiction. I can't help but notice that the majority of those novels are similar in one way or another. In my opinion they are written about something of no importance (e.g. mystery, murders, female and soldier romance ending with the soldier death, magic, aliens invasion, etc.). I have read quite a number of books in my short lifetime, but I would be lying if I said many really made a difference or had any useful meaning/value. That was the main reason why I was jumping head over heels to be reading Fragile Bones by Lorna Schultz Nicholson. It is truly a unique book...
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Namesake by Sue MacLeod - Review by Emma, Teen Blogger

Posted on 19-Nov-15 09:58
Lady Jane Grey is famous for having ruled England for nine days. After Edward the Sixth’s death, Lady Jane Grey was named Queen but Edward’s half sister, Mary, exercised her right to the crown and had Lady Jane thrown into the Tower of London where she stayed until her execution in 1554. Namesake, by Sue MacLeod, tells Lady Jane’s story in a wonderful and exciting way, tying it in with the modern world of a Haligonian high school student.
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The Song of Achilles – Review by Kaela, Teen Blogger

Posted on 03-Nov-15 11:51
The thing that drew me to read The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller was the fact it is all about Greek mythology and the author was actually inspired by the original works of Homer. In my experience, a lot of books about Greek mythology are based on the more modern versions of the stories and are kind of like a remake of a remake. The nice thing about this one was that the author had studied these subjects and drew on the originals for inspiration. The book is all about the famous Greek hero named Achilles but is actually told from the point of view of one his greatest companions, Patroclus. Patroclus is neither a god nor a half-god like Achilles but an exiled prince. When the two were both boys, Achilles’ father used to foster boys with no homes and that’s how the two had met. The book details the transformation of Achilles from child to man through the eyes of Patroclus. The two grow up together and later support each other in the war against Troy...
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Half Brother by Kenneth Oppel - Review by Saul, Teen Blogger

Posted on 03-Nov-15 11:13
Language was at one point considered what separated us from other animals; this was until in the seventies when there were trials that indicated that chimps could in fact be taught sign language to some degree. The book Half Brother looks at a fictional version of one of these trials and all the implications it creates about ourselves and the lives of animals. We see the story revolve around Ben, a thirteen-year-old boy living with his parents, and Zan, a newborn chimp that attempts to learn American Sign Language...
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Betsy Wickwire’s Dirty Secret by Vicki Grant – Review by Kaela, Teen Blogger

Posted on 21-Oct-15 10:00
One of the funniest books I have ever read would definitely be Betsy Wickwire’s Dirty Secret by Vicki Grant. It’s about a popular girl named Betsy who has just finished high school but has also lost her boyfriend and most of her friends. Betsy thinks she’s going to have a terrible summer but then she meets Dolores, who is very quirky and not like her old friends. During the summer they begin a cleaning business and through a lot of funny events, Betsy grows as a person...
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Speak of the Devil - Review by Emma, Teen Blogger

Posted on 16-Oct-15 10:02
The Word on the Street festival this year led to many great book finds for me, but among my favourites was Shawna Romkey’s Speak of the Devil. I was even fortunate enough to meet Shawna herself, which only added to my excitement about reading her book. This young adult novel is set in modern day United States. The main character, Lily, is a high school junior in Missouri. One night she is in a car accident along with her best friends, Mike and Julie. Lily is the only one who survives, sort of. In fact, she dies in the accident but only briefly, to be pulled back from heaven at the last minute...
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The Secret Sky - Review by Hannah, Teen Blogger

Posted on 13-Oct-15 12:18
“[The Secret Sky is] a tale of the indomitable Afghan spirit of hope and love. Among the many novels set in Afghanistan for young people or for adults, The Secret Sky stands alone. Unputdownable. Unforgettable.” –Trent Reedy, author of Words in the Dust The Secret Sky by Atia Abawi is a story of love, beliefs, culture and betrayal. First thing I want to make clear is that this book is not a happily ever after swoony romantic story with no significant purpose. It explores in-depth the corrupt society of Afghanistan at that time.
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Daughter of Smoke and Bone - Review by Becca, Teen Blogger

Posted on 13-Oct-15 11:04
Daughter of Smoke and Bone is a fantasy, paranormal romance novel, written by Lani Taylor. It is the first book in a recently finished trilogy. Lani Taylor is the winner of The Cybils Award for Fantasy and Science Fiction (Middle Grade), and a finalist for the National Book Award. She also received the Oregon Spirit Award, was a finalist for the Andre Norton Award, and the Children’s Choice Teen Book of the Year Award, among many other awards and acknowledgements.
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Scrawl by Mark Shulman - Review by Saul, Teen Blogger

Posted on 01-Oct-15 16:31
The story of an anti-hero is one of the more difficult things a writer can do. Trying to get the reader to empathize with a character who is evil is the main problem with this type of writing. Scrawl is a book that takes this idea to a familiar setting for many people, specifically a high school. The main protagonist is an unpopular, poor boy named Tod Munn, or Pops as he is known to his friends, and he is a bully, a thief, a fighter, and a constant problem for his school. We have all seen bullies; many readers may be victims of such people. Yet with just a few chapters Shulman manages to create a character who is clearly more than he seems.
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Battle of the Books – Article by Hannah, Teen Blogger

Posted on 18-Sep-15 08:22
“It is 4:00 PM. The game host has welcomed everyone and explained the rules. The four students from the two teams are clustered, on opposite sides of the room, hunched over, leaning in towards each other, knees touching, possibly stroking a team mascot. Anxious and proud teachers and parents are watching from chairs, placed around the walls... A hush falls over the room as the first question is read aloud... "In what book is there a spider who can spell?" The stop watch clicks on. A Battle of the Books game has begun.”...
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The War at Ellsmere by Faith Erin Hicks – Review by Emma, Teen Blogger

Posted on 14-Sep-15 18:52
I was intrigued by the art and title of The War at Ellsmere by Canadian illustrator and author, Faith Erin Hicks. Hicks tells us the story of Juniper, a scholarship student at an elite boarding school. Juniper (Jun for short) has plans; she’s had them since her dad got sick and died. She’s going to be an incredible doctor and to get there she’s going to graduate from Ellsmere, an old, all-girls school, built by the eccentric and mysterious Ellsmere family. Once Jun reaches Ellsmere though, she realizes there’s more to the school than just focusing on homework and exams...
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The Bar Code Tattoo by Suzanne Weyn – Review by Rebecca, Teen Blogger

Posted on 14-Aug-15 13:17
The Bar Code Tattoo is a young adult dystopian novel set in a future world where everyone has to have a bar code implanted in their arm by the time they’re sixteen. This barcode gives you access to everything, from your car to your bank account. Every time teenagers turn sixteen they’re all excited to get this new “key to adulthood”. Kayla doesn’t want one though. She’s about to turn sixteen and she thinks the idea of the bar code tattoos is really creepy. When she denies the chance to get one though, she becomes an outcast in the world and she finds the government out to ruin her...
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Stolen Songbird by Danielle L. Jensen - Review by Ashlee, Staff Blogger

Posted on 30-Jul-15 15:21
Stolen Songbird, author Danielle L. Jensen’s first novel, takes place in a historical fantasy setting in which trolls exist but were cursed by a witch to live underground in secret. The protagonist is Cécile de Troyes, a farmer’s daughter with a lovely voice who is kidnapped, brought to the city of Trollus under the mountain, and sold to trolls who intend to marry her to their troll prince, Tristan. This element of cursed creatures abducting a beautiful human bride and taking her below ground reminded me of the 1991 animated movie The Princess and the Goblin, but after that, there are fewer similarities. Contrary to popular belief, Stolen Songbird explains, trolls aren’t ugly; they’re “more like beautiful things that have had the misfortune of being broken.” Most of the troll characters in this novel have various misfortunes like no limbs, misaligned halves of their face, or being conjoined twins. However, the book misses a potentially interesting element in exempting Prince Tristan from the difficulties of living with an unusual body. Instead, he is tall and beautiful, though cold and sardonic.
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The True Tale of the Monster Billy Dean by David Almond – Review by Saul, Teen Blogger

Posted on 30-Jul-15 13:44
There are some books that after finishing the last page can only be described as odd. This book is one of those. This is not to say that it is bad, in fact I quite enjoyed it, but only that it is not like anything I have read before. David Almond has created a truly unique perspective on the world, seen through the eyes of a boy as he falls from innocence. Everything from the diction of writing to the topics explored within the story; it is all unusual and meaningful.
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Black Hole Sun by David McInnis Gill - Review by Saul, Teen Blogger

Posted on 30-Jul-15 13:10
Setting a book in a sci-fi world can be difficult, especially when looking at how to be consistent with the science and technology. This is even more difficult when trying to set a story on Mars, a planet we know a fair amount about. Black Hole Sun does an excellent job of this however, becoming an interesting and action packed novel without any of the problems that often plague the genre (such as suddenly having a gadget for every situation or being inconsistent with the science throughout the novel). The author does a great job, creating an amazing world and filling it with powerful, realistic characters...
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Mister Death's blue-eyed girls by Mary Downing Hahn – Review by Rebecca, Teen Blogger

Posted on 25-Jun-15 08:50
Many people have either read the novel or seen the movie adaptation of the paranormal drama novel The Lovely Bones. For some time I’ve been looking for a novel with a similar theme and it turns out that the Halifax Public Libraries does have a copy of one I wanted to read: Mister Death's blue-eyed girls by Mary Downing Hahn. This teen novel takes place in the 1950’s and the story follows several teenagers as their lives are changed dramatically by the tragic murder of two of their friends in the woods near their neighborhood. It’s a very nostalgic view of the way things were for kids back in the Fifties. There were no cell phones or texting, no computers, most girls had to wear skirts rather than pants, television wasn’t as popular, cars were more powerful, and so on.
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Coraline by Neil Gaiman – Review by Rebecca, Teen Blogger

Posted on 24-Jun-15 09:50
Summary: Coraline has just moved into a strange old apartment complex called ‘the Pink Palace’ with her parents. Coraline is adventurous and creative whereas her mom and dad are sort of boring people, and her eccentric neighbors aren’t the best company. One neighbor was a Chernobyl liquidator* and has become insane, and then there are the two actresses, sisters who are equally strange. With no friends and a boring preppy school to look forward to, the only thing to entertain her is the strange door in the wall of the apartment. One night Coraline has a dream about what’s beyond it, a perfect wonderland where new things happen every day – but it turns out it isn’t as amazing as she thought it was, in fact it’s a total nightmare.
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Home Movies – Article by Rebecca, Teen Blogger

Posted on 23-Jun-15 14:15
It’s the 21st century, so any kid has the ability to make an amateur movie with their computer, digital camera or cell phone. I love my digital camera and my laptop, but recently I got a super 8 home movie camera. My super 8 camera isn’t digital, it uses film, and it’s a little more difficult to use. If you make a film with it, you have to be careful – a cartridge of super 8 film can only record up to three minutes, 20 seconds of footage and can’t be deleted. The film is expensive so you can’t just film your cat over and over again or numerous videos that have no meaning. Film isn’t instant, it has to be sent off for developing in a photo lab and to post it anywhere online you have to have it transferred to digital formats.
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Insurgent: Did this happen in the book? – Review by Angela, Teen Blogger

Posted on 04-Jun-15 10:10
I must admit that I went through a bit of shock after watching the movie Insurgent. It has been quite some time since I last read the novel, but I was dead certain that the movie did not follow the book for about half of the time. The differences are significant and in my opinion a bit disappointing. Don’t get me wrong, I love the movie and it has great actions, however, it is relatively shorter and a few minor characters were cut out completely. Moreover, there are enormous plot changes that alter the tone and the atmosphere of the story. Here are a few changes in the movie that I can think of right off the bat:
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Last Message by Shane Peacock - Review by Saul, Teen Blogger

Posted on 07-May-15 12:15
When I first picked up this book I must admit I was quite curious at the whole idea of it: a series of seven books that could be read in any order. My local library was carrying a number of them, so I simply chose the one that I thought would interest me the most. A quick summary of this book would be: an old man has recently died and left a series of tasks for his grandson Alex to complete in France. I found the concept of this very interesting; an exciting family legacy leading to a number of great adventures.
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I'll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson - Review by Kathleen, Teen Blogger

Posted on 24-Apr-15 09:37
“Some books are just meant to be in each other’s lives.” I’m paraphrasing this line: “Maybe some people are just meant to be in each other’s stories”, from Jandy Nelson’s second YA novel, I’ll Give You the Sun. I believe Nelson is hitting a poignant truth here, but it goes beyond the context of her book and applies to real life, even if it’s something as simple as a book. I believe that some people are meant to read certain books, and those books are meant to change you, make you grow, and see the world with eyes that are no longer foggy.
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Friends With Boys by Faith Erin Hicks - Review by Rebecca, Teen Blogger

Posted on 07-Mar-15 10:20
Maggie is just like any other high school kid, but she’s been homeschooled her entire life by her police officer father and her recently estranged mother. Her four brothers assure her that high school is easy, but when Maggie gets there she realizes how many different types of kids there are and how much she doesn’t seem to fit in with any crowd. She befriends a goth boy and his younger sister, but soon she finds herself caught up in a fight between her new friends and her brothers. Meanwhile, she is trying to solve a mystery of an eerie woman who keeps following her everywhere she goes.
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Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson – Review by Angela, Teen Blogger

Posted on 06-Mar-15 10:06
“I feel the frozen stillness melt down through the inside of me, dripping shards of ice that vanish in a puddle of sunlight on the stained floor. Words float up.” (pg. 198) of Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. Have you ever felt a strong urge to say something but you can’t? The following piece is my own re-enactment of the protagonist, Malinda’s thoughts. It is written in third person, and I am the narrator. Sometimes it seemed that she was two different people, one being the carefree self before the incident. But things were different in high school, and it was no secret. She recalled the painful experiences of her freshman year…
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Smile by Raina Telgemeier – Review by Rebecca, Teen Blogger

Posted on 04-Mar-15 11:02
Smile is the autobiographical graphic novel of Raina as a girl growing up in the early 1990’s. In elementary school, during a Girl Scouts meet, Raina trips and smashes in her front teeth resulting in dental work throughout junior high and high school. The book depicts her life as a teenager, from seeing The Little Mermaid come out in the movie theater to losing friends and many more interesting events that I won’t give away (you’ll have to read it to see for yourself). As time goes on, Raina begins to question her life, her so-called friends and her decisions.
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Kiki Strike: Inside The Shadow City by Kirsten Miller - Review by Rebecca, Teen Blogger

Posted on 02-Mar-15 20:12
Inside the Shadow City by Kirsten Miller is the first book in the Kiki Strike series, which follows a group of five outsider girls living in Manhattan and exploring its underground world. The book starts off in one of Manhattan’s dirty, polluted areas, in a small apartment where an incredibly bored twelve-year-old girl named Ananka Fishbein lives.
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To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee - Review by Angela, Teen Blogger

Posted on 20-Feb-15 16:21
You might have read this in grade 10 English. Great, another piece of great American literature, you might think. But it is in fact really meaningful and well written. To Kill a Mockingbird is the only published book that was written by Harper Lee. The elements of the story such as the setting, characters and the plotline are inspired by Lee’s childhood experiences in a small town in Alabama...
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The Darkest Path by Jeff Hirsch - Review by Saul, Teen Blogger

Posted on 17-Feb-15 15:58
Upon first seeing this book I didn’t think it was for me at all. A dystopian novel following the story of a fifteen-year-old boy as he works his way through society. It seemed a little cliché, especially in recent years with many authors going that way after the Hunger Games craze. The “teenager in dystopia America” is much overused. I expected this to be something similar, but was gladly wrong...
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Creeps by Darren Hynes - Review by Angela, Teen Blogger

Posted on 14-Jan-15 14:35
When your dad is drunk again and starts to throw his bowl of pea soup on the ground, you know your mom is leaving, again. Well, at least she comes back but it never seems to end. And you know that the next day, Pete “The Meat” will make you eat the yellow snow. Wayne Pumphrey’s hates his life, until he meets Marjorie. For once, he is not alone. But, Pete will not let them go, or will he?
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Nation by Terry Pratchett – Book Review by Saul, Teen Blogger

Posted on 19-Dec-14 13:35
Terry Pratchett is one of my favourite authors, but I had never heard of this particular book. It is outside of the usual Discworld novels and one of the less fantasy-like stories that I have read from him (although it does have a splash of the magical). It can be best described as an alternate history novel, set on an earth much like ours in the 1860s. A small island known simply as “The Nation” exists in the middle of the Great South Pelagic Ocean (the Pacific Ocean of this alternate world). It centers upon a boy called Mau, who is about to become a man, but then the wave comes. It destroys all of the nation. Left is only Mau and a shipwrecked girl from another land entirely.
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Holocaust/WWII Novels and a Movie - Review by Gina, Teen Blogger

Posted on 28-Oct-14 15:10
It seems that once in a while, we imagine what it’s like to live during a war. By doing so, we realize how blessed we are to be living in a war-free country. It hasn’t even been a century since the most recent war has ended when our grandparents experienced the turmoil themselves. The most respectable thing we can do to honour those who served for the peace of this country is to remember their service and be grateful. I’ve sorted out some literature related to World War II and the Holocaust. There are hundreds of remarkable English books related to this topic, in other languages even more, but I’ll be introducing a few books that I have read.
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Anya’s Ghost by Vera Brosgal – Review by Rebecca, Teen Blogger

Posted on 28-Oct-14 14:09
Summary: Anya’s family has moved to the States from Russia and she’s a socially awkward teenage girl facing the everyday challenges of high school with her best friend, Siobhan. Between avoiding her nerdy childhood friend, Dima and trying to win over the guy of her dreams, she was hardly expecting to fall down a well one day and meet a hundred-year-old ghost!
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Undercurrent by Paul Blackwell – Review by Gina, Teen Blogger

Posted on 23-Oct-14 15:03
Callum survives a plummet over a waterfall in his neighborhood, but when he wakes up, his world is no longer the world he knows any more. Everything is twisted. He struggles to get used to what he doesn’t know and who he used to be. There are so many questions to answer and solutions to find.
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Jeremy Stone by Lesley Choyce - Teaser by Cindy, Staff Blogger

Posted on 08-Oct-14 08:31
I first noticed the book, Jeremy Stone, by author, Lesley Choyce because of Word On The Street, where Lesley Choyce read an exerpt on the Vibrant Voices Stage on the Halifax waterfront. I was intrigued by the story and by Lesley's comments on various parts of the story, so I put this book on my reading list.
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Pathfinder by Orson Scott Card - Review by Ashlee, Staff Blogger

Posted on 19-Sep-14 13:11
One of my favourite novels is Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card, so I eagerly picked up his Pathfinder hoping for the same kind of experience as I had with Ender’s Game. However, I ended up having mixed feelings about Pathfinder: enjoying some moments but disliking others.
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Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins - Review by Jennifer, Teen Blogger

Posted on 18-Sep-14 14:48
Have you ever liked something so much, that you feel the need to share it with people but, at the same time, you don’t want anyone to know about it, because it’s your special thing that you feel so protective about? This is how I feel about the book I will be discussing in this blog post! It’s called Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins. I love it so much that it’s my go to present for all my friends when they have birthdays, but I’ll let you in on a little secret! You don’t have to wait for your birthday; you can borrow it from the library today!
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Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson – Review by Gina, Teen Blogger

Posted on 29-Aug-14 13:34
The character, Tiger Lily, wasn’t my favorite type of person to read about. She was mysterious and didn’t say much, so she was hard to relate to, or get to know. I think that’s why the author chose to write the book in alternating perspectives, where readers read not only from Tiger Lily’s perspective but from her little friend, Tinkerbell's. It was very interesting how...
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The Queen’s Thief series — Review by Ashlee, Staff Blogger

Posted on 26-Aug-14 13:50
If there’s something I adore in a young adult novel, it’s a misunderstood hero. Well, that and great world-building—oh, and perhaps a romantic sub-plot with a wickedly awesome heroine. And maybe throw in a jaw-dropping twist, just for good measure? Fortunately, this series has it all.
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The Girl Who Never Was by Skylar Dorset - Review by Ashlee, Staff Blogger

Posted on 26-Aug-14 13:28
In this young adult fantasy novel, The Girl Who Never Was, Selkie Stewart thinks she’s a normal Boston teenager being raised by her eccentric aunts because her father is in a mental institution and her mother abandoned her on the doorstep when she was a baby. When she turns seventeen and goes searching for her long-lost mother, though, things really start getting weird, and Selkie discovers her connection to a magical world of faeries, ogres, wizards, and the dreaded Seelie Court. And meanwhile, there’s a very special boy in her life…
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The Book Thief by Markus Zusak - Review by Gina, Teen Blogger

Posted on 20-Aug-14 13:20
Summary: The book thief is ten-years-old. She is thirsty for books, so when she sees the pile of books burning on the street, she picks up a small book in the ashes and runs away. Living in Nazi Germany during the Holocaust makes owning books risky but books are precious to the book thief. The Book Thief is a beautiful story of a curious young girl, narrated by Death....
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We Were Liars, by E. Lockhart - Review by Kathleen, Teen Blogger

Posted on 19-Aug-14 15:50
This is a story about a happy group of kids who go to a beach house every year for summer vacation. They laugh and tell ghost stories by the fire. Their parents look on fondly as they reflect on their own childhoods. The grandfather plays chess with the kids, who form healthy bonds with one another. Then, they have a picnic at sunset, and everyone lives happily ever after. The end. I’m lying. You probably guessed that, but here’s why:
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Never Let Me Go – Review by Margaret, Teen Blogger

Posted on 06-Aug-14 12:56
Never Let Me Go is a 2005 adult futuristic science fiction novel by Kazuo Ishiguro. If you are into science fiction and dystopian literature, this book is for you. Investigating themes of the human condition, free will, and communication between youth, this book will make you empathize with characters in such a way that very few novels can do with such success.
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Stargirl – Review by Gina, Teen Blogger

Posted on 05-Aug-14 15:00
Summary: Just like her name suggests, the moment Stargirl arrives at Mica High School, she is the center of attention. She sparks up the students with just one cheer. She melts Leo Borlock’s heart effortlessly. Everyone is fascinated with her. At first...
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The Beginning of Everything - Review by Emily, Teen Blogger

Posted on 29-Jul-14 10:25
Summary: A remarkable coming of age story which follows a young man by the name of Ezra Faulkner who suffers an injury that’s enough to change the course of his life. Ostracized and alone, Ezra is forced to finally become himself and get to know the people around him, including the new girl in town, in a way he had never attempted before. Comedic, honest, and occasionally poignant, The Beginning of Everything answers the question of what one would do if they had to start all over.
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Openly Straight by Bill Konigsberg - Teaser by Cindy, Staff Blogger

Posted on 23-Jul-14 15:16
I have to admit, it was the title that first caught my attention: Openly Straight. What an interesting and thought provoking title! So I opened the cover, started reading, and wasn’t exactly hooked at the opening line by the main character, Rafe, “If it were up to my dad, my entire life would be on video”. Okaaay…what parent doesn’t film their kid, I thought. I kept reading and by the fourth page, I realized that Rafe is not just his father’s child but has an identity beyond his family and beyond those images captured on video. Just like any teen right? Not quite. Rafe has a label. He’s gay Rafe.
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Divergent Movie - Review by Julia, Teen Blogger

Posted on 18-Jul-14 09:24
Set in a post-apocalyptic Chicago that is walled off from the rest of the world by a massive rampart, Divergent imagines a society in which the citizens are divided into five factions according to personality. The Abnegation faction, an ascetic class given to self-sacrifice, controls the municipal government. Amity, a community of 'hippie'-like agrarians, work in the fields farming; Candor runs the courts, law, and justice system; and the Erudite pursue scientific advancement as they are scientists, doctors, and researchers. Security is left in the hands of the Dauntless, a group of soldiers so fearless they might better be called the 'Young and the Reckless'.
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YA Books Being Made Into Movies-Review by Kathleen, Teen Blogger

Posted on 25-Jun-14 07:47
It’s been a while, dear readers. So long that you’ve probably run out of books suggestions! In the meantime, though, you might have seen a few advertisements for movies—unless you’re some kind of hermit, in which case no offense was intended.
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Crisps and Chips: Teen Fiction with a British Connection - Teaser by Emily, Teen Blogger

Posted on 06-May-14 08:45
Daniel Radcliffe and Benedict Cumberbatch, Doctor Who and Sherlock. Those are all very well known (and mostly loved) creations straight from the UK. We may tune into the BBC to watch our favourite shows and actors, but how many of us have taken the chance to read some good young adult fiction with a British connection? If the only books you could come up with were written by J.K. Rowling, have no fear, I’m here with a few great suggestions....
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Being a Global Citizen - Article by Angela, Teen Blogger

Posted on 15-Apr-14 13:43
It is approaching that time of the year again: when the sun arrives and the greens start to grow. The blizzards and frosts have disappeared, and it makes you want to take a walk outside and embrace nature. You can feel the sun softly warming your smile, while the breeze rustles your hair. If you wake up early in the morning, you can see the golden sunrise and hear the sparrows sing. After the sun colours the evening sky with its grand departure, under a cloudless sky, you can see countless stars bidding you goodnight. But what if you couldn’t enjoy being outside anymore? What if we ran out of supplies and resources and our world fell apart?
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Panic by Lauren Oliver - Review by Emily, Teen Blogger

Posted on 07-Apr-14 12:56
As a huge fan of Before I Fall and the Delirium series, I was naturally excited upon discovering that Lauren Oliver had a new book coming out this month. I read blogger Julia’s interview with the author and it pumped me up enough to make me go out and buy the book the day it was released. While it’s very different from her other books, Panic is sure to be Lauren Oliver’s next bestseller.
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The Beginning of Everything - Review by Kathleen, Teen Blogger

Posted on 07-Apr-14 11:02
Thought-provoking novels that feature smart kids who like to wax philosophical are all the rage these days. Unfortunately, some authors who attempt this type of the coming-of-age tale don’t do it altogether well. Fortunately, Robyn Schneider, author of The Beginning of Everything, is not one of those authors.
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Rainbow Rowell - An Author to Check Out this Year - Article by Kathleen, Teen Blogger

Posted on 14-Feb-14 10:00
Rainbow Rowell is a name that’s been making the rounds in both critic and book lover circles everywhere. Her first novel, Attachments (which this blogger confesses, with a heavy heart, she has not actually read) was released in 2011. Following that, she wrote two young adult fiction novels, both of which were released in 2013: Eleanor and Park and Fangirl. (Both of which, this blogger has had the pleasure of reading.)
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The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Anna, Teen Blogger

Posted on 31-Jan-14 11:27
In the cold months of winter, we often need a light, fun book to drive away the winter blues...
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Favourite Reads of 2013 - Reviews by Various Teen Bloggers

Posted on 14-Jan-14 09:53
We share our favourite reads (both old and new) of 2013.
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New Reading for a New Year - Article by Cindy, Staff Blogger

Posted on 24-Dec-13 10:05
I can't wait to see what 2014 will bring for new reading material. In the meantime, I may revisit some old favourites or catch up on older books that I missed reading when they came out. I've been browsing through the Teens Read lists at the Library and have found some gems that I just can't wait to explore:
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Dickens, Dash and Lily - Reviews by Anna, Teen Blogger

Posted on 23-Dec-13 12:44
REPOST - Looking for something different to read over the holidays? Try this classic; then I dare you to read the other one...
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Nancy Drew and Rainy/Snowy Days - Article by Havana, Teen Blogger

Posted on 13-Dec-13 14:20
For most people a rainy/snowy day can be a drag, especially on a weekend. But, sometimes, it's good to have a stay-at-home day to relax. Relaxing doesn't always mean doing nothing though. There are lots of great things to do on a rainy/snowy day. Here are my top choices of things to do (all on a Nancy Drew mystery theme):
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Diana Renn - Interview by Julia, Teen Blogger

Posted on 30-Sep-13 11:28
Gosh I loved doing this author interview!!! Diana’s book was so fun to read and it always had me on the edge on my seat thinking: “Wait! What’s going to happen next?!” Plus the characters made me go “awwweee” and “Oh no you didn’t!!!” it got me so pumped up I felt like I was on an emotional roller coaster. Up, down, up, down, up, down. Talk about making me dizzy haha.
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The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, the movie - Review by Havana, Teen Blogger

Posted on 26-Sep-13 14:20
Let me start off by saying that I am a huge fan of the Mortal Instruments series. I absolutely love it! Which is why, of course, I was so excited when I heard the movie was coming out and also why I was so excited when I finally got to go see it. One could even say I was giddy! In fact that's what I will say. I was giddy during the whole thing; I was completely fangirling; I was even squealing! (Only in my head though).
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Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan – Review by Kathleen, Teen Blogger

Posted on 26-Sep-13 10:14
We’ve all googled ourselves (yes, even you in the corner, with your modest face and your denial.) It doesn’t take much to come up with somebody who has the same first and last name as you. For example, if I were to google myself, I would come up with an Irish poet. This is not particularly exciting, given that I am neither Irish nor much of a poet and am unlikely to have anything in common with this person. You don’t often find a person with the same name as you living in just a town over, and it’s even less likely that you would actually, you know, meet this person. But reality isn’t truly applicable to literature, in my opinion, because this is the scenario in Will Grayson, Will Grayson, by John Green and David Levithan.
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Cruel Summer by Alyson Noel – reviewed by Tarah, Teen Blogger

Posted on 20-Sep-13 10:22
Some things in life seem totally unfair. When you get yourself into one of these situations, all you have to do is find the bright side of the situation, and just maybe you’ll find that it isn’t as bad as you’d originally thought.
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Switch by Tish Cohen – Teaser by Havana, Teen Blogger

Posted on 19-Sep-13 11:47
Do you ever wish you were someone else? Andrea Birch definitely does. Not that you can really blame her. Who wouldn't get fed up? ...
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Wondrous Strange by Lesley Livingstone – Review by Cecilia, Teen Blogger

Posted on 10-Sep-13 10:37
Canadian author, Lesley Livingston, knows how to spin a tale. In Wondrous Strange, her debut novel, she gives us a story of a young girl and her struggle to discover her heritage and identity.
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Kelley Armstrong Interview by Julia, Teen Blogger

Posted on 10-Sep-13 09:09
Kelley has always been an inspiration ever since my best friend sent me a link to Kelley’s Darkest Powers Trilogy when I was begging for an amazing series to read. From book one, chapter one, I’ve been madly in love with her books....
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The Rithmatist by Brandon Sanderson- Review by Tarah, Teen Blogger

Posted on 06-Sep-13 15:40
Imagine that, hundreds of years ago, a supernatural discovery was made. Imagine how different the world today could be different because of that one tiny discovery....
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Partials by Dan Wells - Review by Havana, Teen Blogger

Posted on 06-Sep-13 12:30
'" When our ancestors were Attacked at Pearl Harbour, They called it a day that would live in infamy. The day the Partials attacked us with the RM virus will not live in anything, because there will be none of us left to remember it.'"...
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Sue MacLeod - Author Interview by Tarah, Teen Blogger

Posted on 15-Aug-13 09:28
REPOST-After I attended Sue MacLeod’s book launch for her new book , Namesake, I wanted to learn more about her experiences with writing the novel and being a writer in general. I was extremely happy to learn that she was willing to be interviewed.
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Heather Dixon-Author Interview by Julia, Teen Blogger

Posted on 09-Aug-13 11:21
REPOST-I’m so happy that I could do this author interview with Heather Dixon and I had quite a good time doing it too! I first came across Heather’s work last year when I joined my school’s Battle of the Books team. Her book, Entwined, was on our 2013 Reading List and the book’s cover art and story was so enchanting that I googled her book,Entwined, and found her images on deviantART.
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The Outsiders by Margaret, Teen Blogger

Posted on 09-Aug-13 09:44
The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton is an incredibly honest and achingly intense story about the rivalry between two gangs in the 1950’s. The story is so honest because it was produced from the mind of a teenage girl....
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The Rithmatist by Brandon Sanderson - Review by Talia, Teen Blogger

Posted on 08-Aug-13 08:41
I was a little apprehensive when I started reading this book. I’ve read lots of fantasy books, and while I really enjoy a few of them, I find that they are often predictable and a little dry. But not this one! I was hooked after chapter 1.
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Switched by Cecilia, Teen Blogger

Posted on 23-Jul-13 15:20
When most people think of trolls, they’re imagining little Yoda creatures with warts and ugly faces. Amanda Hocking’s idea of trolls is completely new and refreshing in her new book Switched.
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Marissa Meyer Author Interview by Julia, Teen Blogger

Posted on 19-Jul-13 15:59
REPOST-I was extremely happy when Marissa responded back to my tweet about doing an interview with her. I'm quite excited considering this is my first author interview! Marissa has been a huge inspiration for me ever since I saw the cover of Cinder. It captivated me and I couldn't help but pick it up and read a couple of pages. I loved her writing immediately. Later on I found ...
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Clockwork Princess by Anna, Teen Blogger

Posted on 18-Jul-13 14:56
Clockwork Princess is the third book in Cassandra Clare’s Infernal Devices series. The series is set in late 1800’s England. In the first book, Clockwork Angel, Tessa Gray moves to England from America in search of her brother. In this search she discovers....
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Throne of Glass by Anna, Teen Blogger

Posted on 18-Jul-13 09:08
Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas, is a novel about an eighteen year old assassin. Not just any assassin though; she is the most feared assassin in the land, Calaena Sardothien. Her name was spoken with fear for years.
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The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Anna, Teen Blogger

Posted on 18-Feb-13 11:21
In the cold months of winter, we often need a light, fun book to drive away the winter blues...
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Stories of War - Reviews by Kathleen, Teen Blogger

Posted on 13-Nov-12 14:57
I'd like to recall that moment of silence on Remembrance Day. Below are some wonderful stories of war, some fiction and others not, that never fail to strike a chord in me, and I hope they can do that for you, too.
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New Fall Books and Upcoming Releases! by Julia, Teen Blogger

Posted on 19-Oct-12 08:54
Have you been waiting for new additions to your favourite series or waiting for new book releases to go crazy for? For me, the waiting is exciting and I get into the fandom: drawing fan art, finding fan fiction sites, and entering contests for books. I love it all!
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Series in the Spotlight by Angela, Teen Blogger

Posted on 14-Sep-12 15:24
Looking for a series to start or re-read? Try these picks...
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Divergent Letter to a Producer by Anna, Teen Blogger

Posted on 14-Sep-12 15:22
What if you liked a book so much you wrote a letter to a producer and asked that the book be made into a movie? This is how it might go...
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Summer Camp Reads by Alison, Teen Blogger

Posted on 11-Jul-12 10:18
In a lot of ways summer camp is a great setting for a fun young adult novel. You have kids exploring their first glimpse of independence, the classic summer flings and s’mores. And let’s face it anything with s’mores is a good thing!
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Summer...What to do? By Talia, Teen Blogger

Posted on 03-Jul-12 15:35
Let's have three cheers because it's summer time!!! Hip hip HOORAY! Hip hip HOORAY! Hip hip HOORAAAY!So it's finally here. The best time of the year. Summer! No school, you can sleep in, stay up late, go swimming at the beach, have bonfires.... the list is endless! So what are your summer plans? If you don't know yet, never fear, I have some awesome ideas all lined up for you!
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Hot Off the Press! New Books in a Bundle by Cindy, Staff Blogger

Posted on 21-Jun-12 11:23
These new books have just arrived at the library and are waiting to have their covers cracked open!
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Hunger Games Movie Review by Talia, Teen Blogger

Posted on 29-Mar-12 09:20
Now before I begin my movie review you should know that I am a HUGE Hunger Games Fan. I was so excited to see the movie as everyone I talked to told me how amazing it was. Now I feel a little differently about it.
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Vampire Diaries by Talia, Teen Blogger

Posted on 19-Mar-12 14:12
What do you get when you have two vampire brothers who both love the same human girl?...
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Winter Wonderland by Sasha, Teen Blogger

Posted on 16-Jan-12 15:50
Hey everybody. My blog is going to be all about winter books and believe me I have some great ones ready for you to read.
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Do you know what's awesome? -by Talia, Teen Blogger

Posted on 13-Jan-12 11:15
Do you know what's awesome? Well ok, a lot of things are awesome. But I'm not talking big things here, I'm talking about all the awesome little things. Like finding spare change in your pocket that you forgot you had. Or cutting the perfect amount of cheese for your handful of crackers. Or even putting on warm clothes that just came out of the dryer! Yep, those are all pretty awesome. But you know what is REALLY awesome?...
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What to Read After the Hunger Games by Emily, Teen Blogger

Posted on 04-Jan-12 16:08
If you’re anything like me, you loved “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins, and once the trilogy was over, you wanted more like it. A little late for some, perhaps, but here is a list of reading materials I’d suggest to you based on different aspects of “The Hunger Games”. Without further ado, here it is:
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After Alex Rider by Danielle, Staff Blogger

Posted on 27-Jul-11 14:37
Scorpia Rising may be the end of the Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz, but it need not be the end of you reading fast-paced thrillers about spies, high-tech gadgetry and death-defying adventures....
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Keep Troying, Wonderland and What's Cooking? by Cindy, Staff Blogger

Posted on 26-Jul-11 16:02
Like most people, I've often imagined myself in situations where I might be able to use my skills and talents...or discover new ones. How would I cope? What would I learn? Could I survive? A lot of questions, but maybe some answers are in these pages...
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Robot Reality, Dragon Danger and Strange Trips

Posted on 26-Jul-11 15:56
A strange set of book bundles to be sure, so I ask you: Is the unique world of robots reality or fantasy? Why are dragons always in danger of extinction if they never existed? Are these fictional trips stranger than fiction, or what? See what you think...
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Survival, Zombies and Hidden Rooms by Cindy, Staff Blogger

Posted on 26-Jul-11 15:55
What if there was this story.... Zara gasped for breath! She had been running, like... forever, but the Zombies were still after her. How would she survive this night? A dark shape appeared in the woods....
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Steampunk, Smartypants and Kissing Covers by Cindy, Staff Blogger

Posted on 23-Jun-11 13:05
Ever get steampunked? Ever claim to be a smartypants? Ever caught kissing on a cover? Well, some people have according to these books, anyway...
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Bold, Beastly,Beautiful and Strange by Cindy, Staff Blogger

Posted on 23-Jun-11 11:28
Ever wish your life was not quite so boring? Ever wish to go on an adventure or meet different people? Try these book bundles for something strange and exciting.
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Vampires, Cults and Chips

Posted on 22-Jun-11 15:07
Want read-a-likes that are easy to find? Try these titles bundled in bunches of three.
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Michael L. Printz Award by Cindy, Staff Blogger

Posted on 12-Jan-11 14:32
Sometimes I like to read the best of the best. Award winners are a good place to start....
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