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Strong Female Protagonist - Review by Emma, Teen Blogger

Strong Female Protagonist by Brennan Lee Mulligan and Molly Ostertag is a complex yet enjoyable story about being a superhero.

Strong Female Protagonist follows Alison Green, a girl who discovered her superpowers when she was fourteen. Alison spent her teenaged years fighting crime, under the alias Mega Girl. But now Alison is twenty, and no longer a crime-fighting hero. Instead, Alison is worrying about college and struggling to get her exams done. But school is not the reason she stopped.

The reason Alison stopped fighting crime came from her previous arch nemesis, the Menace. Alison and her team had been fighting his henchmen for years, but when she finally saw Menace face-to-face, he wouldn’t fight her. Instead, he showed Alison files containing information on superheroes with abilities such as producing endless amounts of electricity and being able to speak with diseases (like ordering cancer to ‘get lost!’). Superheroes who had the abilities to save the world. Superheroes who had been killed off at an early age as part of some plot Menace had uncovered. At the same time, Menace unmasked himself and renounced villainy. Now, a year later, Menace (aka Patrick) and Alison are friends, but Alison has given up heroism. As Menace has shown her, anyone who could save the world is now dead. Then, Menace’s old henchmen start showing up. Someone is spreading rumors that Menace is coming back. But this can’t be! Patrick left all that behind and Alison is sure it’s not him. So who is it?

I liked Strong Female Protagonist a lot, as both a superhero story, and as a book that made me think. I especially liked the fact that everyone had a different idea of how to be a superhero and even the supervillains seemed like people with problems. I think one of my favourite scenes was when Alison went to visit a villain she had helped convict and spoke to him, letting him know that she had problems too and that she thought she understood how he felt. In the end, the villain was stunned by what she had to say. Strong Female Protagonist reminded me of The Adventures of Superhero Girl by Faith Erin Hicks. It also reminded me of Hope Larson and Kate Beaton’s books as they all share a similar and pleasing style. I would recommend Strong Female Protagonist to anyone who is a fan of these comic artist-writers.

Strong Female Protagonist is a web comic, and the graphic novel is an accumulation of issues 1 through 4. There are more issues, though, and they can all be found at the official website. You can also find the graphic novel at your local library branch, and I definitely recommend checking it out.

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