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March Break Reads by Talia, Teen Blogger


So it's March Break. A whole week with no school, no teachers, and you don't even have to think about science or math until Monday! Which leaves you with all this time! And I have some super books to keep you occupied all week long. (:

I'm sure you've all heard of The Twilight Saga, Harry Potter and The Hunger Games (if you haven't, I suggest that you go out and read them!)

So maybe you have read these and you are looking for more books like them. Well you're in luck, because I have some awesome books lined up for you!

The Host - book cover



If you liked Twilight by Stephanie Meyers, I would suggest ,The Host,which is a stand alone novel by the same author. It has the same writing style, so if Twilight was your thing, then you will love The Host. It's a great sci-fi novel with action and a touch of romance, so it has something for everyone.


If you just can't get enough of the werewolves from Twilight I would suggest the books Moonlight, Full Moon, Dark of the Moon and Shadow of the Moon, a series by Rachel Hawthorne. This is a paranormal romance series that is all about werewolves. I highly recommend them if you're looking for another series like Twilight.

Moonlight - Book CoverFull Moon - Book CoverDark of the Moon - book coverShadow of the Moon - book cover







If you are more of a Potter fan, then I would recommend Percy Jackson and the Olympians series by Rick Riordan. They are a fantasy series about Greek gods, demi-gods, and plenty of other mythical creatures to keep you on the edge of your seat!

You could also try the Children of the Red King series , by Jenny Nimmo, which is about a young wizard named Charlie Bone who is much like Harry. They are great books, and there are lots in the series so you will have enough reading material to last you all week long!

Give the Maximum Ride Series a try. These books are all about bird kids. Yep you heard me, kids with wings! And to top it all off, they have to fight off evil erasers which are like dog humanoids! Throw in having to save the world and you've got yourself a pretty awesome story. I mean really,what's not to love?

[blog editors note: There are seven books in this series by James Patterson; the eighth and last, Nevermore, will be out in August]

Maximum Ride book 1 - book coverMaximum Ride 2- book coverMaximum Ride 3- book coverMaximum Ride 6- book cover








If you liked the Hunger Games,and are looking for some books to read while you are waiting for the movie release, then you should check out The Underland Chronicles. There are five books in this series , and each book is better than the last. It is also by Suzanne Collins so it has the same page turning action as The Hunger Games. I was a fan of these books before the Hunger Games came out, and they are just as good (well almost!) as The Hunger Games so you won't be disappointed!

I hope this helps to keep you reading all week!

If you are still looking for more books, (or maybe you've all ready read all of them!) try The Great Good Thing, and it's sequel IntoThe Labyrinth by Roderick Townley. They are some of my all time favourite books. They literally make the characters come to life! I could say more, but I think you should just read it to find out what I mean by that. (:

I hope you enjoy these books as much I do. Writing about these books makes me want to reread them all! So happy reading, and I hope you all have a great March Break!

 Teen Blogger,



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