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University - Are You Ready? by Alison, Teen Blogger


Graduation photoGraduation, university, and life beyond the walls of high school. We can never be fully prepared but we can try our best to be ready.

If you are in grade twelve than you can totally relate to the overwhelming feeling that occurs when you start to think about university and life after high school. In short it is scary to think that the decisions you make at the tender age of seventeen or eighteen can impact your life in the long run. With application and scholarship deadlines creeping up on us it is time to make some solid decisions.

The first thing that I am inclined to do is make a list or a web that I can try and sort out my interests and potential career paths. For me the initial list consisted on Journalism and Public Relations, this list was made back in September. You will find that your interests may change and expand over the first semester. I was dead set on the idea that I was going to study PR when I went to university but when I made my list after visiting a few schools my decisions changed. I really wanted to go study International Development Studies along with Journalism. And just last week I realised that I also had a big interest in tourism and travel, there are a few local schools that offer a degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management. So I guess what I am trying to say is make sure that you make you list a few times because interests change and develop over time.

Another thing that we have to keep in mind is whether or not we have all the courses and marks for the programmes that we are interested in. Most university programmes require your English 12 marks and a total average around 70%, if you are looking into NSCC than all you need is to have completed high school. For me math is the biggest problem, I am really not great at it in the slightest but a few of the programmes that I am applying to require a Math 12 mark. Needless to say I found myself struggling through the course last semester.

Piggy bank on books photoMoney! This is probably one of the most terrifying parts about planning for university. Some of us are lucky and our parents have been saving up for our schooling since before we were born; others are not so lucky. One of the programmes I am looking at is Journalism at University of Kings College. Here is the math as to how much the first year would cost me if I lived in residence and had the Bronze meal plan. This is all based off of the estimated fees from the Kings website.


Fall semester -        $4,035. 42

Spring semester-    $ 3,711. 92

Total for just student fee’s and tuition is…



Then we add books at aprox. $1000

Bringing us to a new total of …



Now let’s add res and food.

For a 17 meal plan and a double in Alex Hall it costs…



Let’s add this to the total above, the total cost for the first year is…


And don’t forget this is all before you account for having any fun and eating outside of the meal hall!

It is easy to see why this causes such distress for the university freshman. It is a lot of money that most of us don’t have.

Grad Hats in Air - photoDespite all of this I am sure that we the class of 2012 will make it through our last semester of high school and not have too much trouble when it comes to seeking our paths in the future. To all of you graduating this coming June good luck and to those of you who are not keep all of the aforementioned things in mind as you choose your course load for next year.

If you are looking for more information on various universities and colleges around Canada your local library has lots of resources!

Teen Blogger,



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