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The God of Small Things - Review by Saul, Teen Blogger

Perhaps one of the strangest, but most interesting novels I have ever read, The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy is a tale filled with emotion. While often books full of real-life issues that take a gritty view on things do not impress me (I usually find they try too hard to be dark), this particular story reads like something that could actually happen. There are enough moments of joy to make the moments of sadness really matter.

The majority of the story takes place in Kerala, India in 1969. It tells the tale of an upper class family though the eyes of several different characters, primarily two children.

There are many flash-forwards and flash-backs, and this helps to pace the plot. This method of organisation can make the book a little confusing for the first few chapters, but most of the details are explained eventually. What is interesting about this style, and I believe this is to its benefit, is how certain parts of the story don’t make much sense until the very end. There are several moments in which something happened and suddenly my entire view on a previous event was changed.

While the novel stands on its own as a very impressive story, there is a lot of meaning, especially relating to the Indian caste system. There are important messages about class relations. For me, this encouraged me to do more research into a topic I previously did not have much interest in, and for that I believe this book is truly brilliant.

The emotion that is packed into the story of The God of Small Things is very impressive. I found myself feeling happiness, sadness, and anger throughout my time reading it. If someone is looking for a book with emotional impact, I would highly recommend picking this up from your library. It was quite the experience.

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