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Superheroes- Redux by Cindy, Staff Blogger

A while ago, I had a strange, super-powerful urge to watch two movies: Thor and X-men. Have to say I liked Thor better than X-men. Why?

Well, there seemed to be so many characters in X-Men that it was difficult to appreciate their personalities rather than their superpowers, and maybe that was the point? But without a strong personality inside that super character suit, their decisions were unbelievable. I was not convinced that the supposed ‘good’characters suddenly turned ‘bad’ by the end of the movie and attacked their ‘friends’…but then I haven’t read the comics so maybe I missed knowing some vital information that the movie did not provide? But I shouldn't have to read the comics to understand the characters...right? I seem to have a lot of questions about this movie which is probably why I left the theatre feeling unsatisfied.

I could relate to Thor because I love mythology; although this story was somewhat different from the myth, I was okay with that. It was the ‘larger than life’ world of the ‘gods’ that I found fascinating.I loved the images of Asgard , the Guardian of the gates, the land of the Ice Giants….and the idea of an ‘alien’ race being mistaken by humans as ‘gods’ was plausible for me.  I liked the contrast between the ‘god world’ and the ‘small town’ of Earth. Yes, the characters could have been better developed too, but somehow the story flowed better and so there were clearer character assumptions based on the plot...or at least it seemed that way…maybe my assumptions were just based on the predictable romantic and good vs evil storyline?

I certainly remember enjoying Thor more than X-men, perhaps because there was more humour. I left the theatre feeling intrigued by the comic book ‘take’ on Thor; whereas X-men left me confused about it's superheroes that seemed wrenched from the comic book page and flung on the big screen just for the special effects.

Anyway, that’s my take on these ‘Marvel’ous movies, and now plan to go see the Avengers this weekend. I hear it's awesome!

~Cindy, Staff Blogger

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