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Summer Camp Reads by Alison, Teen Blogger

With summer, comes camp and with camp comes some excellent summer reads! In a lot of ways summer camp is a great setting for a fun young adult novel. You have kids exploring their first glimpse of independence, the classic summer flings and s’mores. And let’s face it anything with s’mores is a good thing! Having personally gone to summer camp in past years, I can say firsthand how important free swims, campfires and cabin friends are in making a teens summer special. Although too old now for most camps, I can still live vicariously through books like these great reads!

Over and Out- book coverCamp Confidential series by Melissa J. Morgan

Now I started to read these books when I was twelve and one of the lovely things about them was that they grew up with me! When I was fifteen so were the characters and that was something that I loved about the books. The story centers around a whole cast of teens who attend Camp Lakeview a fictional summer camp located in the States. Although this series is initially catered towards younger readers I still firmly believe that a sixteen-year-old can pick this quick read and still be intrigued by the plot! There are 25 books in the series so far and another spin off series called CIT’s rumored to be in the works! You can find most, if not all of the books at your local library and searching by Melissa J. Morgan gives you the most hits. A lot of the titles are e-books too.

Sleepaway Girls -  book coverSleepaway Girls by Jen Calonita

At 297 pages, Jen Calonita brings the summer camp drama in this fun book! If you like Meg Cabot or any of Jen’s previous work (Secrets of my Hollywood Life) you will love this! The story centers around Sam, a girl whose best friend from home has just gotten her first boyfriend. In an effort to escape all of the cutsie nicknames that she was bound to endure throughout the summer Sam chooses to attend a Counselor-in-Training program at a New York summer camp.Thinking that it would be a summer of fun she is caught off guard by the camps queen bee and the drama ensues! With crushes, rivalries and boys that are just ‘friends’ you know that this book is going to be a great read!

I Want to Go Home - book coverI Want To Go Home! By Gordan Korman

Now this has to be my all time favorite summer camp based novel! A teacher read it to my class in grade six and I have read it every summer since. It follows the summer of Rudy Miller and his friend Mike Webber as they are foiled in their many attempts to leave the terrible Camp Algonkian Island. Once again this is aimed for younger audiences but it is a hoot for all ages, as I recall my 50-year-old grade six teacher had to pause every once and a while to chuckle at the ridiculous antics of Rudy and Mike. Also Gordan Korman is a wonderful Canadian author and you should check out some of his other books!

Slept Away - book coverSlept Away by Julie Kraut

Now this is the only book on this list that I have not read yet, but that is going to change as I just hit the hold button on the library copy ( don’t worry I will read it quickly!). From what I can tell it is the story of city girl Laney Parker and her first time at summer camp and let’s just say it is not her favourite thing. But can that change over the summer? This book also touches on something that I have seen for myself, the ‘camp cool’ verses ‘real world cool’ scenario and whether or not you can be both! I personally can’t wait to get my hands on this book and start reading! 

Well that is all for now as far as summer camp reads go! But if you are interested in attending summer camp for yourself there are tons of local camps around that would be more than happy to see you for a week or two! Check some of them out!

Camp Lonecloud , Camp Kidston , Camp Geddie, Camp Mush or try searching camps by subject on the website for the Camping Association of Nova Scotia.

Happy camping and happy reading!

Your Teen Blogger,


Note from staff editor, Cindy

There is an air of mystery surrounding Melissa J. Morgan... it's a pseudonym, but I cannot find the real name of Melessa J Morgan whoever she or he may be. The CIT series is a bit of a mystery too... no sign of it since it was promised in 2009. Interesting.


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