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Squealing Tires, Fast Speeds, Racing Engines! by Cindy, Staff Blogger

Start your engines for a great read! Squealing tires, racing engines, fast speeds , fast cars. There is a time and a place for racing cars but if you want a thrill without the real ride, try these books for a taste of the unexpected in racing. For more heart pounding excitement, check out the clip of the Daytona 500.


Yellow Flag - book coverYellow Flag by Robert Lipsyte

In any race, there are drivers and, at the front of the pack, there are racers. In the final laps, it's the racer who moves his car through the sweet spot, picks off the competition, and drives through a hole to win. In Kyle's family, his older brother, Kris, has always been the racer, born and bred to it, like his father and grandfather and great-grandfather before him. And that's just fine with Kyle; he's got other things to do. Now Kris is out of commission, injured, and Kyle has no choice but to drive. Does he want to drive just long enough to keep Kris's seat warm, or does he want to race-and win? On the heels of Raiders Night, Yellow Flag is a pulse-pounding look inside the elite world of NASCAR racing, from award-winning novelist and sportswriter Robert Lipsyte. ~ publisher

Last Ride - book cover

Last Ride by Laura Langstone

He killed his best friend, Logan, in a street racing accident a year ago. As he tries to make amends to Logan's girlfriend and keep his promise to never race again, Tom is haunted by his dead friend. He thinks Logan is trying to tell him something. Not only that, since he faces huge medical bills from the accident and may have to give up his car, the pressure to race is almost unbearable. ~ publisher


Battle Drift-book coverBattle Drift by Todd Strasser

Set 'em up. Blow 'em off.And shut 'em down. Kennin's gaining popularity with the gearheads, and the word on the street is all about his sweet driving skills. Everyone wants a piece of him, but to go legit, he's got to give up the illegal tsuisos...and the "major" cash involved with them. But when his sister's creep boyfriend starts trouble, Kennin realizes that he's got to do what's right for his family -- even though it won't be easy. Kennin's ride may be amping, but his decisions may ultimately spell disaster. ~ publisher


Overdrive by Eric Walters - book coverOverdrive by Eric Walters

What could be the harm in revving the engine and racing - just a little - away from the traffic lights? So what if it's your brother's car and your first day with your driver's license. What could possibly happen? When a street race goes terribly wrong, Jake must make some tough choices. ~ publisher



Slide or Die - book coverSlide or Die by Todd Strasser

Drift it. Sling it. Slide it. Shred it.... Just don't get T-boned. Kennin is new to Sin City, running from a tragic past and anxious to start a life outside the gearhead crowd. But he can't resist the lure of all the hot, tricked-out cars in Las Vegas. WhenKennin accidentally proves his talent, he's pulled into a tsuiso battle against the toughest drivers around. The competition is cutthroat, and Kennin's outsider status only makes it worse. With ugly rivalries and vicious sabotage all around him, Kennin's ride will be gut-wrenchingly dangerous...and totally amping. ~ publisher



Here are the exciting highlights of this years Daytona 500. So many twists and turns and spins in this race, it looks like some kind of crash dance for Nascars. And what a great birthday for 20 year old Trevor Bayne.



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