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So You Want To Be A Superhero? by Eric, Staff Blogger

So You Want To Be A Superhero…

The Physics of Superheroes- book coverThere are key elements to consider when developing your super-persona.  Your origin story.  Your sidekicks and teammates.  Your costume...cape optional. Your moral code, your motivations.
But much of this depends entirely on one significant factor: What are your powers?  

This post is the first in a short series on types of super-powers and how to get them.

James Kakalios’, The Physics of Super Heroes, discusses a number of key figures already in the scene, and the relationship between their powers and the sciences.  Chapter 4 features the Flash; obviously, the fastest man alive is a master of friction.  Chapters 18 through 20 studies the villains Electro and Magneto: amplitude, magnetism, and the light spectrum.


The Science of Superheroes-book coverThe Science of Supervillains - book cover


Two similar titles, which deal with more than just physics, are

The Science of Superheroes


The Science of Supervillains,

both by Lois Gresh and Robert Weinberg. 


Heroes: Evolution is discussed via the X-Men. The difference between science versus magic according to the Green Lanterns.  Atomic structures featuring the Atom.  Cloning technology, featuring the amazing Spiderman. 

Villains: Sinestro and the elusive anti-matter.  Vandal Savage and Apocalypse make arguments for immortality.  Braniac as artificial intelligence.  Venom: symbiote or parasite.

 ~ Eric

Staff Blogger


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