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Sanctuary by Tarah, Teen Blogger

A Moment In Time- photo


The trees are thick on either side of the narrow path. The light of day is almost completely blocked out by the foliage far above. The gentle breeze that rustles through the trees and lifts the carpet of falling leaves on the forest floor masks the faint sound of rushing water past the next bend in the path.

The path bends off to the right just enough to make you unable to see what lies ahead of you. If you were to turn the corner, the path would slowly widen, leaving you in a clearing at the bottom of a steep mountainside. The clearing has been untouched for years. Low weeds and bushes cover the ground. Some are dead and some reach out for help with their long, flexible branches.

A large waterfall runs out of a hole about fifty feet up in the mountain face. A shallow, almost perfectly circular pool has been carved out of the forest floor at the base of the waterfall. On the right side, the pool narrows, gradually turning into a small stream that flows through the forest, twisting out of sight.


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