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Now You See Me - Review by Teen Blogger, Pranathi

“Look closely, because the closer you look the less you see.” (Daniel Atlas, NYSM)

Now You See Me Movie PosterI have never been so intrigued in my life. Magic has always been a concept which twists one’s thoughts and thinking process to enhance the illusion taking place and to “wow” the audience. It never ceases to amaze anyone because of how ludicrous the whole idea is. I’m not talking about your basic “abracadabra” or “hocus pocus” but rather the real thing: illusionism, hypnotism, mentalism, etc. Real tricks that anyone with the capacity and willingness can master. Now You See Me, directed by Louis Leterrier is a must watch.

I was most hooked by the number of plot twists in the film. I had no idea if it was even legal in the film-making industry to incorporate such a vast number of plot twists. These twists slowly unraveled the viewers’ entire perceptions of what actually happened versus what was just an illusion. While watching this film my life was an emotional rollercoaster which ran off its tracks. I still don’t know if I have fully recovered from the experience of the film. I remember clinging to my mobile and every time the unexpected happened I would pause the movie, take a deep breath, open up my text messages and spam one of my friends about my awe, shock, confusion and outrage at the scene. I tried analyzing every single action taken by a character making it feel as if I was a part of the film myself. However, the more I analyzed the less I understood which only made me hate the film more but love it despite the rage it caused me.

The characters in the film have to be my favourite ever created. Each one had a very different backstory from the other and the way that they all connected into each other’s lives was incredible. Not only did I appreciate the wide range of personalities in the film but the dialogue, the quotes, the sarcasm, tenseness and fire of the words is what keeps me constantly contemplating about the film. I always try to bring myself to watch the film again because it is absolutely magnificent but I’m too afraid that I’ll be hit with all the emotions that possessed me when I watched the film the first time around. There are several characters and scenes I enjoyed and I can’t seem to pinpoint a favourite. Dialogue-wise, my favourite character was Daniel Atlas because of his ability to twist words and create interesting statements or threats which only perplexed and/or enraged the other characters and viewers. I am simply unable to not, not think about what he says and rerun it through my mind until it gets stuck there like a bad pop song from the radio. This film was just too unbelievable. It’s left me speechless many times and currently as I’m writing about it I’m being stripped of thoughts on how to explain how I felt during the film and what it was like. 

Should you watch this film? I advise you not to if you value your sanity but if you want to be mind-blown, by all means, go for it. I don’t know what studies are saying but coming from a primary source, me, I find that watching this film is the most effective way to blow one’s mind. Now You See Me, directed by Louis Leterrier, is available at the Halifax Public Libraries. If you like this film, I would also recommend Catch Me if You Can, directed by Steven Spielberg.

For a peek at Now You See Me, check out this trailer:

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