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My Favourite Poet: Rhiannon McGavin – Article by Kaela, Teen Blogger

Rhiannon McGavin PhotoOne of my favourite poets is Rhiannon McGavin, otherwise known as The Geeky Blonde on YouTube. She has been posting videos for several years now and is known for her 'Condensed Shakespeare' series, writing tips, and most prominently for her poetry videos. Rhiannon has written many successful poems having worked with organizations like Brave New Voices, Get Lit and Teens Over Violence. She is 18 years old and lives in Los Angeles, USA.

I found her videos because we had been doing a poetry unit in my English class. Our mission was to find poetry we liked online and I happened to stumble across her videos. Her most popular type of poetry is Slam and she has a very distinct style in the way she presents her pieces. It’s evident in all her videos that she is very passionate about her topics; in my opinion, that’s what makes her so likable. Even though I couldn’t have possibly shared all her experiences, she still makes it very easy to relate to her through her poetry. She is great at making a connection between herself and the audience, even if sometimes the audience is through a computer screen.

Some of my favourite poems include: "Art Class", "Ice Queen" and "Somewhere in America". The first two poems are about her experiences growing up and the last is a poem, co-created by herself and fellow Slam team members, about the problems in America. When I first heard these poems, I was amazed by how intelligent and creative she was. Her poems are always descriptive and have awesome metaphors. One example would be from "Art Class", “I want to be five years old mixing all the colours until I get the dark brown of her Monet shoulder freckles, and you give a Valentine to everyone in class.” In this poem she talks about loving her best friend from a distance while her friend only thinks of Rhiannon as a friend.

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Rhiannon is one of my biggest inspirations and actually was the reason I decided to start writing again, having given up on it a while ago. She is one of the most proactive people I’ve ever heard of, having accomplished much more than any other 18 year old I know. She works with many non-profit organizations, has travelled across America to present her poetry, and also created a mini booklet series of different pieces she’s written (on Etsy). However, she’s not a famous celebrity or had influential people to help guide her. Rhiannon has worked very hard for all she has accomplished and still manages to create amazing poems. Not just with her poetry but her online presence in general is very inspiring. Her work ethic has made me work even harder while still pursuing things I’m passionate about, such as writing.

Like Rhiannon there are many other poets to be inspired by. As April is Poetry Month, now is the perfect time to read through different poets’ works and find your favourite!


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