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LBTEEWHTSALOM by Kathleen, Teen Blogger


Although the stores would like you to think it’s already Christmas, Halloween is approaching, and with it comes that irritating thing that we will know for this entire blog as Looking Better Than Everyone Else Without Having To Spend A Lot Of Money. (We’ll call it LBTEEWHTSALOM, which is long enough on its own.) Contrary to popular belief, LBTEEWHTSALOM can be achieved, and below are some simple suggestions on how to do it:

Thrift stoSkeleton and Fire imageres are your friend. There’s this silly stereotype that thrift stores are full of gross, sweaty clothes, and while that’s occasionally true, they’re also full of great deals and unusual things that you’ll never find at your average clothing shop. Guy Frenchy’s (alternatively, just Frenchy’s) has bins full of unusual clothes and accessories that will make LBTEEWHTSALOM more possible than you believed in the thirty seconds before you started reading this blog post.

Rummage through your parent’s closets. I mean it. Your parents have clothes that would never be fashionable today, and since LBTEEWHTSALOM isn’t actually about looking better than everyone else, it’s the perfect place to start! Steer clear of the particularly high heels, though, unless you’re planning on going as a person with a broken leg for Halloween. (Oh, and be sure to ask your parents for permission before doing this. Going as a grounded person for Halloween probably won’t help you achieve LBTEEWHTSALOM.)

Costume make-up can be bought from drug stores at pretty inexpensive prices, and that alone can be a costume. White make-up beats the old sheet-as-a-ghost look (which is certainly affordable, but won’t exactly help you achieve LBTEEWHTSALOM.) Black clothes and painted on whiskers works well for a cat costume, too. 

Get down to the library and flip through books for ideas on 'crafty' costumes or how to design your own costume from recyclables. There are books with makeup tips on full face design, or cats eyes or zombie scars.~editor

And that, ladies and gentlemen (or wherever on the gender spectrum you identify) is how to achieve LBTEEWHTSALOM. At the very least, you’ll be able to brag that you know what LBTEEWHTSALOM means, which is better than me, because I think I’ve forgotten. 


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