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Kiki Strike: Inside The Shadow City by Kirsten Miller - Review by Rebecca, Teen Blogger

Kiki Strike - Inside the Shadow City - book coverInside the Shadow City by Kirsten Miller is the first book in the Kiki Strike series, which follows a group of five outsider girls living in Manhattan and exploring its underground world.

The book starts off in one of Manhattan’s dirty, polluted areas, in a small apartment where an incredibly bored twelve-year-old girl named Ananka Fishbein lives. Ananka thinks her life is pretty boring; although she reads a lot and collects a number of books, she hardly ever does anything else otherwise. Then she notices that in the park across the street, a large sinkhole has appeared in the ground. When she goes to see it more closely, she meets a strange girl her age with platinum-blonde hair named Kiki Strike. Kiki introduces Ananka to a group of girls who together work undercover to save New York from various dangers.

This book was really cool; it has really original characters and a detailed plot. I think what I liked the most about it was the way the author writes, and the whole book was sort of like a combination of The Lightning Thief and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The only thing I didn’t like about Inside the Shadow City was that the beginning of the book was a little boring. It took a few pages of reading before I started getting into it, but otherwise it was a great book.

Official website: http://kikistrike.com/


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