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Divergent Letter to a Movie Producer by Anna, Teen Blogger

Divergent book coverNOTE: SPOILER ALERT!

Dear Talented Producer,

I am writing to suggest that you consider turning the novel Divergent by Veronica Roth into a film. It is set in a dystopian society which will appeal to a large audience due to its similarity to the setting of the very successful Hunger Games series. If you decide to adapt Divergent into a film, the existence of its sequel Insurgent, would be profitable should you wish to make a second film.

Divergent is set in Chicago after a great conflict. To restore order, the city is separated into different factions based on what people value most. The people in Abnegation value selflessness; people in Candor value honesty; in Dauntless they value bravery; peacefulness is valued in Amity; and intelligence is valued most in Erudite. Most people in this society value one quality above all others and so their choice of faction is simple. However, there are a few people who don't fit into this carefully structured society. They are the divergent, and Tris Prior is one of them.

Tris was born into Abnegation. On the day she was to choose her faction, she made a last minute decision to switch to Dauntless, leaving her friends and family behind. During her initiation she met Four, another divergent. Together they discovered and eventually thwarted a plan created by the leaders of Erudite. The plan was to use a form of mind control on the people of Dauntless, using them as human weapons to destroy the government and take control of the city. The serum they were using for mind control didn't work on Tris and Four because they were divergent, and so they were able to succeed in overthrowing the plan.

The novel is filled with conflict that would make an interesting movie. Tris has internal conflict when she is choosing to leave and go to Dauntless. There is a huge amount of conflict between the initiates at Dauntless because they are forced to fight each other and not everyone gets into the faction. There is also the major conflict caused by the Erudite leaders who attempted to kill the government members and used the people from Dauntless. With all of the conflict in the book, a movie adaptation certainly would not be boring.

The setting is much more creepy and intense in Chicago than it would have been if it had been set in a city of the author's creation. That eeriness would come to life on film. The familiar buildings and landmarks in such a different situation would create a wonderfully dramatic atmosphere.

All of the characters are well developed and three-dimensional. The protagonists still have negative aspects to them, and the antagonists still have redeeming qualities. One of the best examples of this is Al. He was friends with Tris at the beginning of the initiation, but as it went on he grew increasingly desperate. Only a certain number of people were allowed to make it into the faction; the rest ended up being 'factionless'. Al wasn't doing well in the initiation and Tris had begun doing really well, so he, with some of the other initiates, attacked and almost killed her. He hadn't been an altogether bad person, but he was put in such a terrible position that he had wound up doing a horrible thing. This three-dimensionality of characters would translate well into a best-selling movie.

Overall, the book has relatable characters, an interesting setting, and above all, a well-written plot. I believe that it would make a wonderful and successful movie. I hope that you consider it for your next producing endeavor.


Anna, Teen Blogger


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