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Crisps and Chips: Teen Fiction with a British Connection - Teaser by Emily, Teen Blogger

Daniel Radcliffe and Benedict Cumberbatch, Doctor Who and Sherlock. Those are all very well known (and mostly loved) creations straight from the UK. We may tune into the BBC to watch our favourite shows and actors, but how many of us have taken the chance to read some good young adult fiction with a British connection? If the only books you could come up with were written by J.K. Rowling, have no fear, I’m here with a few great suggestions.

Stolen-book cover

If you’re feeling up for an edge-of-your seat thriller…

Sit down with Stolen by Lucy Christopher, the story of sixteen year old Gemma who is kidnapped from a British airport and taken to the Australian outback. She writes a lengthy letter to her captor, which becomes this book, and thoroughly explores everything that occurred in the shack she was forced to live in. Author Lucy Christopher, born and raised in Wales, won countless awards for her stunning portrayal of love, obsession, and insanity in this novel, which I personally adored.

Before I Die-book cover

If you liked idea of The Fault in Our Stars and want a good cry…

Try Before I Die by Jenny Downham. Tessa is living with cancer, and with only a few weeks of life left, she makes a list of everything she wants to do before she dies. With her best friend and her new boyfriend by her side, Tessa discovers what it really means to be alive and how to deal with relationships in the weeks before her death.

Feeling Sorry For Celia-book cover

If you’re ready for a laugh after the previous books and enjoy the“scrapbooked”style…

I highly recommend Feeling Sorry for Celia by Jaclyn Moriarty. Written in letters, notes, postcards, and other random bits (hence the “scrapbooked” description), Australian author Moriarty writes as Elizabeth, whose best friend Celia keeps disappearing, her father reappearing, and her mother never appearing at all. Meanwhile, Elizabeth is trying to deal with all of the new occurrences that come with the territory of growing up. I read and absolutely loved this book and the rest in the Ashbury/Brookfield series a few summers ago, so I suggest you borrow it from the library soon.

Name of the Star-book cover

If you like Jack the Ripper and a good mystery…

You should pick up The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson. I admit, this book isn’t actually straight from the UK, but it is set in London, so you’ll have to forgive me for breaking my own rule. Rory is forced to move to London from Louisiana with her parents, where she’s sent to a boarding school far different from her past public high school. Shortly after arriving, a series of murders mimicking the murders of Jack the Ripper occur, each more gruesome than the one before. Rory sees the man she believes is committing these crimes, but she’s the only one to have laid eyes on him. Who is this man, and why has only Rory seen him? Is she his next victim? This book is a page turner, and you’re in luck, because the series is only just getting started. Hop on the bandwagon soon!

Hopefully, at least one of these books will inspire you to sit down with a steaming cup of tea, some Marmite and crackers, and read for ages. There are plenty more that I simply couldn’t cover here, but I’d also recommend Libba Bray, Markus Zuzak, and of course, J.K. Rowling, or try this book list in the Discover catalogue: Teen Fiction with a British Connection.

Cheerio (and happy reading)!



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