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Comedy of Errors at Neptune Theatre – Review by Teen Blogger Kathleen

Comedy of Errors- ebookA comedy. Of Errors. The title speaks for itself.

Or perhaps not. I walked into this play not knowing the plot at all—because although this is arguably one of Shakespeare’s more famous plays, it rarely gets much attention. On the assumption that most of you are teens (and I apologize to my treasured adult readers; I’ll hope you’re not offended), there’s a strong chance you’re not familiar with the plot, either. To summarize: there is a crazy old man, rambling on about twins separated at birth. This is followed by an introduction to the two main, male characters: Dromeo and Antipholous. There is much confusion, and it almost seems that there must be two Dromeos and two Antipholouses, as both of them are completely confused as to what is going on and are continuously baffled by things the other says. At the end of the play, there is a surprise twist, which ultimately explains the confusion and helps you make sense of the whole show. Still with me?

You might not be, because that was a pretty unclear summary. As clarification, I’ll say that that summary was most of what I understood throughout the show at Neptune Theatre. It was a lovely production, but it was almost too clever: if you don’t figure out the twist before the end, when it’s revealed to the characters, you will miss the point. This play relies on the cleverness of its audience, or on an audience who has read through the program. As a result, I didn’t even figure out until after the show that there were four actors playing four characters, rather than two actors playing two very stupid characters. However, this is not a comment on the production and is, rather, my own fault.

Visually, this was a stunning show. The set was beautifully constructed and meticulous prepared; it was almost more appealing than the plot. The costume designs were equally pretty and appeared to have stepped straight out of the time period.

The acting was pretty spot on; all of the jokes landed, and the continual gag of shouting ‘opah!’ and dancing around (not originally in the play) got a laugh every time. The writing is certainly not Shakespeare’s best, but the actors made up for it, drawing humour from nearly every line and delivering charming performances.

Now that you won’t be able to see this show anymore, given that it’s run at Neptune has ended, be sure to pick up a copy of the play at your local library, download a free e-book or see a community production next time one rolls around. It might not be as fun as this one, but overall, it’s a funny play worth a viewing, no matter where you see it.


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Editor's Note: Here is a short rap video about rhyming in The Comedy of Errors.



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