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A Vampire That Doesn’t Sparkle? by Emily, Teen Blogger


Ever since I discovered her “Vampire Academy” series, I’ve always had a special spot in my “Favourite Author” list for Richelle Mead. Which is why, when I discovered she had a spin-off of “Vampire Academy” coming out this past August, I bought it and read it immediately. And I can honestly say that I was not disappointed.

“Bloodlines” is the story of a teenage Alchemist, Sydney Sage, who is sent to live away with one extremely important royal vampire, Jill Mastrano, not only to escort her places, but protect her as well. However, when you’ve been raised to believe vampires are the most evil, unnatural things on Earth as Sydney has, sharing a living space with one of them isn’t too thrilling. Especially when there’s some pretty fishy stuff going on and it’s your life on the line now too.

Bloodlines by Richelle Mead - book coverThe beginning of this novel was fairly dull and a little hard to push through, with an insanely long scene of dialogue that you might not understand if you didn’t read Richelle’s Vampire Academy series. However, when things start to pick up, they get good. It’s like a drama, thriller, comedy and romance wrapped in a little parcel and delivered stunningly. “Bloodlines” is well written, thoughtful and appealing to most audiences, even those that don’t like vampires. Besides the occasional feeding, you’d hardly remember the book is about vampires at all. At least these ones don’t sparkle.

To fully grasp this novel, you might want to try out the Vampire Academy series first, just to get the real background information on how everything plays out in their world. Also, if you plan to read the Vampire Academy series, I wouldn’t suggest reading “Bloodlines” first, simply because it might spoil it for you. Overall, however, the book is amazing, and a nice taste of Richelle Mead again if you’ve read her other books.

Don’t wait to become a fan of Richelle Mead; pick up a copy of “Bloodlines” from your local library soon.Trust me, you won’t regret it. ~ Emily

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