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A Gypsee, A Rider, Horses and More! by Talia, Teen Blogger

 Talia's Horse Gypsee- photoOkay you can just admit it... you've asked your parents for a pony before. I mean who hasn't? It's a common wish to be able to have your very own pony to ride and play with.

I am one of the lucky few who asked for a pony and actually got one, though it took years of riding lessons and saving up money. Let me tell you, there is nothing better.

Horses are almost magical - unicorns in disguise is how I think of them. The way they can gallop faster than almost any other animal and soar over fences like they have wings....

  Talia and Gypsee riding in the snow - photoNothing can compare to the feeling you get riding a horse. It's not like any other sport because in horseback you learn how to communicate with your partner without using any words. When you get to the point where you can just think of where you want to go, which way you want to turn, or what jump you are going to take next, and your pony understands with just a simple shift in weight or even just turning your head... well, that's when it's best because you and your pony are working as one.

 And there's nothing better to clear your head at the end of a bad day than galloping outside with the wind in your hair and your pony giving it their all just for you. 


Or, when you go Talia and Gysee practice jumping-phototo a show and it's just you and your pony there in the ring with a dozen so jumps to make it over and everyone's watching. You have to completely trust your pony to make it over the jumps. Your pony has to completely trust you to tell them where to go and know you won't put them in any danger. 

Talia and Gypsee in Cross Country-photo




The ultimate test of total trust between horse and rider is taking them cross country, which is basically galloping them through the woods and jumping solid obstacles. Let me tell you that is scary. If you hit a jump cross country, both you and your horse could get seriously injured. But it is so exciting and rewarding to do it. After you've gone cross country, you know you and your horse are able to do almost anything!


What I'm saying is that there is something about horses that makes people happy. They certainly make me happy. I'll also admit that I am slightly 'horse-crazy' so I've read every horse book that I could get my hands on... I've got some of my favourites all lined up for you.

A Horse Called Freedom - book cover

My all time favourite horse book is A Horse Called Freedom by Angela Dorsey.

 Jani is just starting to get settled in her new house (complete with its own barn) until she sees a phantom horse, that is. This book will keep you on the edge of your seat and you just can't put it down. Is there really a ghost horse living in the barn? And if there is, will Jani be able to figure out why and how to help?

Sundancer - book cover



Another great horse book is Sundancer by Shelley Peterson - an amazing book about a girl named Bird who doesn't talk to people, but has a special way with animals, especially a new horse at the farm named Sundancer. Lots of exciting action to keep you turning pages as well as learning and growing with Bird as she learns how to deal with her past, accept who she is, and helps Sundancer do the same.


 If you're looking for good horse movies try:

Dreamer - DVDDreamer: Inspired by a true story.

This is my favourite horse movie. It's a feel good movie about a girl who saves a racehorse with a broken leg. It's a great movie for all ages - perfect to get out of the library for a family movie night as it's suitable for your little brothers and sisters as well as entertaining for you and your parents!

Flicka - book cover

 You can also watch Flicka. This is a great movie about a girl training a wild mustang. It is sad though so have some tissues waiting nearby!

Cindy's note: There is also a book based on the movie and the movie is based on the original book called My Friend Flicka by Mary O'Hara. And there is a Flicka 2 movie and a My Friend Flicka movie.


Gypsee posing-photo


So horse lovers and non horse lovers alike (though you may all be horse lovers by the time you are done with these books and movies!) grab a book or a DVD, get comfy and get started! You don’t have to own a horse to enjoy a good horse story. 

Gypsee lookin'pretty-photo

Happy riding!

Talia, Teen Blogger

Cindy, Staff Editor




Gypsee in a close up

and Gypsee lookin' pretty!

She loves the camera!


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