The Books of Remembrance

Three commemorative books containing the names of people whose lives were lost at war are on display at on the fourth floor at Halifax Central Library. Each month, a new page is turned in each book. For requests to display a specific name or page, please contact the Library.

World War I

The Book of Remembrance commemorates the 1,360 men and women from Halifax County who gave their lives in the Great War. Officially dedicated to the City of Halifax along with the War Memorial in the Grand Parade on July 1st, 1929, the book is currently located in a case on the second floor of the library.

The book is bound in blue calf, with decorative gilt edging and lettering. The end papers are hand-marbled. The red and black hand lettering was designed and executed by the Nova Scotian book illuminator, Henry Perley Bernasconi.

World War II and Korean War

The second Book of Remembrance commemorates the 705 men and women from Halifax County who gave their lives in World War II and the Korean War. It was presented to the Halifax Memorial Library on May 29th, 1955, by the Halifax County Chapter of the Silver Cross Women of Canada.

The book is bound in royal purple Newfoundland seal with white silk end papers. Norman U. Anderson designed the silver book clasps and bookmark. Each page of vellum parchment contains lettering and miniature illuminated scenes from around Halifax County executed by Henry Perley Bernasconi. Each page also contains an embossed Silver Cross. The book also includes works by Will R. Bird, Laurence Binyon, John Gillispie Magee Jr., Alfred Lord Tennyson, hymns, and the Psalms of David.

The Third Book of Remembrance

The third Book of Remembrance was completed in February 2015.  It was contributed to Halifax Public Libraries by Nova Scotia/Nunavut Command of The Royal Canadian Legion.

The third Book of Remembrance commemorates the members of Canada’s Armed Forces from Halifax Regional Municipality who lost their lives while in service to Canada since 1953. 

Graphics, illumination and calligraphy designed and executed by Fran Ornstein of Chester Basin applying the Zapf Renaissance Antiqua font family. Printed on 100lb Cougar Super White paper by Halcraft Printers of Halifax. Digital printing by Bounty Print of Halifax.  Hand bound by Ruth Legge of West Brooklyn in Chieftain goatskin with endpapers made from marbled paper created by Lucie Lapierre of Chateauguay, Quebec. Slip case made from Eskaboard and buckram, lined with Archivart paper.


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