Art Exhibits

Curious about what arts are being made locally? We are, too. See what your neighbourhood artist is up to.

March 2017

Halifax Central Library

We've a new space called The Sunroom and this is its first two-month exhibit.

Artist: Shelley Mitchell

"As Time Goes By"

The paintings in this exhibition are my way of capturing the integration of the historic and contemporary elements of this city through which we move. The buildings we inhabit and pass by affect who we are and inform what we plan to become. I have explored certain iconic Halifax structures that have historic and personal value without too much concern for their accurate placement in time or space.

About the artist

Shelley Mitchell was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia. After attending her Foundation year at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and going to Georgian College of Applied Art in Ontario, she worked as an architectural draftsman and project manager before returning to NSCAD where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Painting and Art History. Since then she has shown professionally in both group and solo shows in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Ontario, and Maine. She was featured in the book <em>From Land and Sea, Nova Scotia’s Contemporary Landscape Artists</em> published in 2009 and selected by the Nova Scotian government as the province’s official gift at the Vancouver Olympics. Her work is represented in the Canadiana Fund State Art Collection in Ottawa as well as many private and corporate collections in Canada, the U.S.A., and Europe. She is currently represented by Argyle Fine Art in Halifax, Amicus Gallery in Chester, NS, Details Gallery in Charlottetown, PEI, Trinity Gallery in Saint John, NB, and Wallacks Galleries in Ottawa.

Sackville Public Library

Artist: Nicole Baker

Nicole paints in acrylic and she loves every minute of it. The subjects she paints include landscapes, flowers, birds, and a variety of other interesting subjects.

About the artist

Nicole Baker has lived in Lakeview for seventeen years. She was a public servant for thirty-five years and is now retired.  Her husband bought her a paint set four years ago and she has been painting ever since.

Tantallon Public Library

Artist: Sue Sadoway

The nature around me provides endless visual fascination. As I explore this subject matter I realize how much these forms express the human condition of struggle, endurance, rebirth and ultimately connection. In Banff last spring, I encountered mountain sheep. I was drawn to the challenge of their interesting colours and textures as well as their separate presence and recognition of us. How enduring and wise they seemed. Abstraction makes me explore a visual language more directly connected to my emotions and thinking. There is a play between randomness and control and a constant perceptual shift that happens with each mark and application of colour. I love it.

About the artist

Sue Sadoway graduated from NSCAD in 1975. She was the high school art teacher at Sackville High until retirement in 2005. For Sue, teaching was an incredible experience. It reinforced for her the essential value of art making in living a meaningful life. While teaching, she developed original curriculum emphasizing self expression, visual literacy, and creativity. After retirement, Sue pursued her interest in painting. Now, she works with two talented groups of painters in her area, Artscape and Abstract studio, and she has exhibited with them. Sue Sadoway is drawn to classical realism. She says that there is a sense of timelessness in the controlled composition and rich colours. She paints in acrylics so this requires many layers. Colour light, texture, and form are driving forces behind her work.


Artist: Jocelyn Mombourquette

Watercolour on Yupo

"I’m attracted to the abstract, the shape and movement of colour all by itself, rather than a thing that has colour as an element. I love the illusion of depth, the movement of shapes, reacting to the unpredictable, and responding to a piece without the need to explain why it attracts me."

On display Friday, March 10-June 30, 2017

About the artist

As a life-long learner, I’ve always had an insatiable curiosity, a passion for the arts, and a strong need to make stuff with colour.  I started exploring first at libraries, and continue there with regularity, supplementing my learning with lectures, classes, workshops, gallery days, and the wealth of online media.  I’ve yet to run out of things to learn about art, it’s history, and techniques to try.  Watercolour on plastic anyone?