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Alderney Gate

Drop by and look at what is on exhibit. Our display case is across from the Information Desk on the first floor.

Halifax Central Library - The Sunroom

Find out about Art at Halifax Central in The Sunroom. We are accepting applications now.

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Artists: Gabrielle Gallant & Lydia Hunsberger

On display from April 14 to May 26

Sorry For Your Loss

Sorry For Your Loss is a humourous approach to the idea of loss and similar themes. Combined images attempt to blur the line between fact and fiction. Real and fake events, objects and people, leave the viewer to decide what has been fabricated and what remains true. 

About the artists

Gabrielle Gallant is an emerging visual artist born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, working primarily in analogue and digital photography. The majority of Gabrielle’s work explores documents, memories, nostalgia, collection, and comparison. She will be graduating from NSCAD University with a BFA majoring in Photography in the coming year.

Originally from Elmira, Ontario, Lydia Hunsberger is a photography-based interdisciplinary artist currently living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Working primarily with analogue and alternative processes, Hunsberger explores themes of narrative, nostalgia, and identity. Hunsberger is a recent graduate from NSCAD University with a BFA majoring in Photography and minoring in Art History.

Sackville Public Library

Please note: Advance bookings for display time at Sackville branch are open. The Library welcomes any medium of art suitable to the size of the display area, and artists can be from Sackville or anywhere. Interested artists are encouraged to call 902-869-4449.

Artist: Judi Risser

Judi loves to capture what she sees and feels. When she looks at an object, she sees beyond its initial state. As you will see in her exhibit The Nature of Rock, a rock is not just a rock. An object has the capacity to present itself in many ways and situations. The Nature of Rock is a testament of sorts, expressed through both visual imagery and poetry, revealing one woman’s journey to a place of spiritual grace.

About the Artist

Judi Risser is a Nova Scotian photographer and writer. She belongs to the Evergreen Writers Group and has been participating in a Black and White 35mm film photography course at NSCAD. Her art is available at the Lunenburg Art Gallery, and her writing is published in an anthology with the Evergreen Writers Group titled Off Highway: Journeys of Nova Scotia Writers.

You can find Judi’s photography on Facebook and her writing on Thru Judi’s Lens.

Tantallon Public Library

Artist: Jessi Fillmore


On Display April 2018

“No two moments are alike; every sunset is a once in a lifetime experience.” - Jessi Fillmore

About the artist

Jessi Fillmore is an outdoor enthusiast, gardener, and amateur photographer with a passion for discovering what’s possible. She strives to capture the essence of her outdoor experiences in her work to share that feeling with others and inspire them to see what unique encounters nature has to offer them. On display are canvass prints of her outdoor adventures. Jessi resides in the Saint Margaret’s Bay area and this is her first photography exhibit.

Woodlawn Public Library

Artist: liza Hageraats

On display from March to June 2018

Textile art

Working with strips of recycled clothing or unspun wool and embroidery floss, this fiber art affords me a connection to this tactile work. Whether illustrating folk tales or creating felted images, the play of color is always at the forefront of my practice.

About the artist

Halifax based artist liza Hageraats has explored a variety of media over the years, from watercolor to acrylic painting and various forms of fiber arts. On display are her original hooked mats, and wet felted and embroidery embellished paintings.

liza Hageraats’ works can be found in private collections in Vancouver, Calgary, Banff, Ottawa, London, Ont., Toronto and Halifax. And she has exhibited in a variety of group shows and recently had her first gallery solo show featuring both hooked mats and felted paintings.

Also, you can view liza Hageraats’ work at artworks-liza.com