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May 2017

Alderney Gate

Artist: Brenda Atkinson

(Information about May's featured artist is on its way.)

Halifax Central Library - The Sunroom

Artist: Darrel Kanyok

B  I  G   S  K Y

May / June / July

Opening night May 18, 6 PM

"In a hurried world that surrounds us, it is my focus to single out elements in nature that compel us to stop and take notice. This focus changes our perspective if only for a brief moment, perhaps allowing us to become subconsciously humbled by the beauty and the simplicity of what we see, feel and think. The land or seascape around me and the cloudscape above is the inspired direction of this body of work. As I walk noticing the rich and vibrant colours of the earth, the blue watered horizon that seems endless and the soft architectural formation of the clouds, my heart soars and my inspiration is created. It is my deep desire to represent this beautiful imagery that I have experienced in Nova Scotia, through my work and to share my interpretation of it."

About the artist

With two art books and a children’s book to his credit, Darrel continues to welcome new and creative expansion. Born and raised in the U.S. with maternal roots in Canada, Darrel now happily resides in Halifax, NS. A practicing artist for most of his life, he is considered to be self-taught although he had formal art instruction from childhood through his late teen years. His adult education includes Fashion Design, Interior Design, Cosmetology, and Estate Management, pursuits that have taken him from New York to Europe and back. Darrel considers himself to be a global citizen, and has lived in many places from which he draws his creative expression. “Traveling inspires me and that’s why I paint. I record my experiences through themed bodies of work and work only in oils because of the richness and depth they provide.”

Halifax North Memorial Public Library

VANS Artist in Residence: Jessica Winton

Mixed Media

April / May /June

Ris Publica treats the civic parade as a unique possibility of welcoming open, generous and joyful participation. Participants provide ideas and assistance in creating and walking with floats that engage and communicate ideas and interests. Library users in the North End are invited to take part and look at previous parade objects.

About the artist

An advocate for art in the public realm, Jessica Winton creates performative/sculptural installations to provoke civic engagement on socio-political issues. Her recurrent experience as a prop builder in the film and television industry has influenced her atypical approach to material usage. Having recently attained an MFA from NSCAD University, she continues to investigate the role of the citizen artist in the public spheres we occupy following Joseph Beuys’ theory of the importance of sculpture’s relationship to the social. Her studio is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia though her projects often carry her off on intrepid adventures into the streets and woodlands.

In partnership with Visual Arts Nova Scotia.

Sackville Public Library

Artist: Krystle Retieffe

(Information about May's featured artist is on its way.)

Tantallon Public Library

Artist: Barbara Hall

Mixed Media

About the artist

Barbara Hall, born and raised in Bedford Nova Scotia, has always been interested in art and being creative. As a young child she was curious about art and became really focused on paintings in 2014. Since then she has explored many mixed media of art and numerous painting styles, including nature, feathers, local scenery, flow art, and expansive art like galaxies and the Universe. She recently had one of her paintings selected by an online artist who featured a how to type online course demonstrating the painting techniques of one of Barb’s paintings, with her permission. The video on YouTube link has now had over 50, 000 views with hundreds of people painting a replica of the “Old Shed Window.”

Barb’s creative abilities expands beyond her paintings, she also makes numerous other items such as feather smudge sticks, energy sprays, reads Tarot and is gifted in many other areas of life as well. Barbara approaches life with an open heart and an open mind and loves to live life to the fullest. Barbara feels through her creative journey the most rewarding aspect is the amazing people she continues to meet and she truly feels the possibilities are endless.